Editor's Choice - Our recommendations for 2022

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

In Editor's Choice, the different editors of Visitcopenhagen take turns in recommending 5 places on their personal bucket lists for the coming month. Published once a month, Editor's Choice is a great chance to get an insight into how the local Copenhageners use the city.


Written by Clara Fuglsang Søgaard
Student assistant in Brand & Creative and part of the editorial team behind VisitCopenhagen.

And suddenly, we enter the last month of the year, and we begin to wonder where the year went. I have dedicated five cold, hot and cosy recommendations for your December to make you forget all about Christmas stress and enjoy the last month of the year in Copenhagen. That way, we can overcome the December darkness together and find the Christmas spirit.

Moment interior ravnsborggade
Photo: Patrick Cholewa

Christmas decorations at Moment

I have concluded that my apartment could use some more Christmas decorations. Why I need to visit the lovely vintage store Moment in Nørrebro. Moment sells the most spectacular and quirkiest Christmas Decorations. Here you can purchase all sorts of ornaments for your Christmas tree – right from yarn wrenches, gin bottles and croissants shaped as decorations. Now I just need to figure out what to choose!

Broens outdoor ice rink
Photo: Broens Skøjtebane

Outdoor ice skating

As it sadly is a rare phenomenon that the lakes in Copenhagen freeze, my skating heart always looks forward to December, as it also means that the outdoor skating rinks open. I have big plans to gather my friends, drag them out onto the smooth ice at Broens Ice Rink, and see if I can revive my rusty skating skills. After our cheeks have turned red and our noses cold, it is also a perfect opportunity to eat some of the delicious food that The Bridge Street Kitchen offers. 

Sneglen Amager Strandpark
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Relaxing sauna fumes

December is also a month that invites me to think about my well-being and find a sort of inner peace before a new year begins – I know it sounds a bit cliché. This winter, I dream of upgrading this self-indulgence and booking a time for a saunagus at INIPI, which is aromatherapy in a sauna. INIPI is located right by Amager Beach Park, making the surroundings of Oresund ideal for you to slow down after work enjoying the fumes of the sauna. This is perfect for a month when everything sometimes can seem a bit stressful.

Gløgg at Gavlen
Photo: Pablo Suarez

Gløgg at Gavlen

December is also the month of traditions, and one of my newly started traditions is to visit the café and bar Gavlen with my siblings and drink a warm and homebrewed Danish gløgg. Gavlen has been located on an iconic corner of Nørrebro for what seems like forever. I love their local and down-to-earth vibe - and how the local guests insist on outdoor serving all year long. The place is genuinely welcoming, the prices are super affordable, and there is nothing like the smell and taste of gløgg, which makes me think more of Christmas.

Casamadre restaurant food
Photo: Riccardo Giraldo

Italian love at Casamadre

Usually, you wouldn’t think of Italian food when you think of Danish Christmas. Still, lately, I have been dreaming about sinking my teeth into a nice and well-made pasta, and it would be lovely if this pasta could be served at Casamadre. Casamadre lies like a shining pearl on Tagensvej, Nørrebro. They focus on Italian food made with simple and local ingredients: all served with love.


Written by Frederik Legind Ibsing
Student assistant in Brand & Creative and part of the editorial team behind Visitcopenhagen.

For some, November is just a cold month to survive while waiting for Christmas. But I think those people are wrong. Frederik, are you saying that November is not just cold, grey and wet? No, sometimes it is like that, but fortunately, there are many warm and cosy corners in Copenhagen, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or warm up your body with a little self-indulgence.

Photo: Mellanie Gandø

The Local Café

We start locally for me. Rallys in the old part of Sydhavnen are where I get my daily cup of coffee. Rallys is a super cosy café and bar that locals visit every day. The café has a cool atmosphere with recycled furniture, various sofas to sit on, and ABBA posters.

Halloween i Tivoli
Photo: Martin Heiberg

Halloween in Tivoli

Tivoli is a classic that you just can't avoid. And when they decorate for Halloween with pumpkins, lights and a (un)pleasant atmosphere, you completely forget that it's cold. It's definitely on my to-do list, I'm gonna enjoy the (un)pleasant atmosphere, try a few rides and treat myself to a candied apple or a round of churros.

Statens Museum for Kunst
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

A painting in a painting

Another reason why November is a good month is that it is the perfect museum month, where you can spend a whole day inside looking at art, with a clear conscience. At The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) there is plenty to look at, and when you have seen it all, they have a good café called Kafeteria. In fact, SMK is currently ready with a new exhibition with the French artist Henri Matisse. The exhibition is built around his painting: The Red Studio, where he painted several of his other works into the painting. The exhibition, therefore, consists of all these works.

AIRE Ancient Baths
Photo: AIRE Ancient Baths

Self-indulgence underground

Beneath Carlsberg Byen there is a wellness and spa oasis. AIRE Ancient Baths has transformed the old factory cellars into a spa with a completely out of this world atmosphere. The thermal baths are Roman and Greek inspired, and you quickly feel drawn to ancient Rome and Greece when you sit down there among the old bricks in the cave-like surroundings.

New Café at Skjolds Plads

Skjolds Plads in Nørrebro really opened up in 2019, when the new Metro line Cityringen was ready. And now the square can also boast a new café with perhaps the city's cheapest 5-course menu. Oberra offers breakfast, lunch and dinner for their guests. You won't find any meat on their menu, as they have chosen to stick to fresher ingredients like vegetables, fish and shellfish.


Written by Kasper Syhler
Editor at VisitCopenhagen

Everybody talks about it: The cold and the dark days are on their way. But let’s first take a moment and enjoy that we have each other and that Copenhagen is full of fantastic offers. Here are five things I’m not going to cheat myself off in October. Cheers!

Baka d'busk
Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

Plant food at Baka D’ busk

Stuff that usually is at the top of my to-do list, is visiting restaurants. For the moment Baka D’ busk on Rantzausgade is on the top of the list. Baka D’ busk is a plant-based bistro, where the menu is changing, and the seasonal ingredients is the deciding factor in what lands on the plates.

On the hunt for the soul of the city

On October 3rd, DAC, in collaboration with the Copenhagen municipality, marks that there are under 100 days until Copenhagen will be the World Capital of Architecture 2023. 5 pm at DAC, Martin Kongstad gives his two cents on where the city’s soul lies. If it’s in the bricks, with all the people moving between the buildings or perhaps the accumulated experiences that people have had in certain places in the city.

Mærsk Tower | Daniel Rasmussen
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The Copenhagen skyline

I can’t say if you can see or feel the city's soul from the top of the Maersk tower on Blegdamsvej, but you can’t beat the view. Talking about architecture, then there are good opportunities to spot both old and new landmarks in the Copenhagen skyline from up there. The Maersk tower is a part of the University of Copenhagen and houses part of The Faculty of Health Sciences. The building is 75 meters tall, and everybody can come up and enjoy the fantastic view over the city.

Telia Parken
Photo: Samy Khabthani

The FIFA World Cup trophy

Another thing that I, with my super football-interested son, must see is the FIFA World Cup trophy, the one that Maradona kissed in ’86. The trophy is on a World tour before the controversial World Cup in Qatar is held in November and December.

Duck and cover cocktail bar
Photo: PR Duck and cover

Duck and Cover

It’s getting darker and darker and from sitting outside enjoying a cold beer at Enghave Square, I now move inside. Down in the darkness surrounded by teak panels, vintage lamps and soft leather chairs, there will I sit back and sip a well-made cocktail. The cocktail bar Duck and Cover on Vesterbro is one of my favorites (and a little hidden gem), and it’s been a long time since I last was there. So, it's definitely a reunion that I'm really looking forward to.


Written by Andrea Sonne
SoMe Editor at VisitCopenhagen

Summer has come to an end, and September heralds’ dark mornings, rain clothes and acid yellow leaves on the pavements. To survive the mess that lies ahead, you can either pull indoors, or you can pull on the outerwear. I choose the outerwear and give here a flyover of the places I will visit in the coming time.


Golden days celebrate women pioneers.

Golden Days are Copenhagen’s big culture festival, which every year has a new overall theme for the events and activities. This year the festival is dedicated to Queens; women who have taken the throne, wielded the sword, broken the norms and gone to the forefront. The festival has become one of my most sacred traditions, where I and a handful of friends tick off the program several weeks before.

Sean Scully exhibits monumental art pieces at Thorvaldsen’s Museum.

Artist Sean Scully has made a permanent impression on me with his very large, expressive art pieces and his use of colours. So, I was very happy when I found out that he was opening his first Solo exhibit in Denmark at Thorvaldsen’s Museum. You can experience the exhibit from September the 2nd until March the 5th 2023. I foresee that it will be Septembers must-see, and an attraction for many art lovers.

møns klint
Photo: Destination SydkystDanmark

World class nature on Møn

Beautiful coastline, wild nature and impressive limestone cliffs that rises vertical in the air from the sea. The Cliffs of Møn is a picturesque nature area, and a and an obvious candidate for a day trip from Copenhagen. The new hiking trail Klintekongens Rige (The kingdom of the Cliff king) has just been named Europes best hiking trail by Deutsches Wanderinstitut i've already invested in a pair of hiking boots and a pair of breathable wool socks and will be testing out the trip as soon as the time is right.

Quality wine at good prices and Comté

After a pilgrimage through Copenhagen’s many art offerings, it’s time for pampering at the Vinhanen wine bar. The basic principle of the bar is to buy wine in bulk, directly from winegrowers, and therefore they can offer quality hand-made wine at very affordable prices. I will welcome the autumn with a glass of organic Sangiovese, and if it’s getting late, I will combine the wine with some Charcuterie and cheese or a warm dish.

Brasserie Prins
Photo: Andrea Sonne

Bienvenue Brasserie Prins

I think that autumn food should be a little rustic and full of flavour so that it warms the tips of the toes. Right by Vesterport station lies Brasserie Prins, which stands out by serving the more unusual part of French cuisine. Are you brave enough to try roasted calf brain? Or sink your teeth in some tender rabbit ballotine with liver and tarragon?


Written by Frederik Legind Ibsing
Student assistant in Brand & Creative and part of the editorial team behind Visitcopenhagen.

I feel like the summer just started, and now it’s already August. So, let’s enjoy the last warm days and the sun that still can give a proper tan (remember the sunscreen). Therefore, I have found five recommendations from my Copenhagen to-do list so that we can end this summer the right way.

Photo: PR Københavns kommune

Start the day with a morning swim

A few years ago, I lived in the neighbourhood of Østerbro and used to do morning swims almost every day during the summer at Svanemølle beach. There’s no better way to start the day than a fresh swim in the water. At Svanemøllen, there’s both a beach and a pier where you can jump straight in the water.

A beer-centric street party

Copenhagen has definitely become a hotspot for craft beers and micro-breweries. One of those breweries is To Øl. They are hosting a Beer festival/street party on Nørrebro, together with the beer bar Brus. They have invited 30 different breweries all of whom will serve their beers. The festival runs from August the 5th-7th.

Photo: Martin Heiberg

A superb lunch in Nørrebro

I actually prefer to go out for lunch, then go out during the evening when it’s often a bit more expensive. The food is the same quality, just a little cheaper. And here I would definitely recommend Omar in Nørrebro; they have a super delicious lunch menu with four courses for only 180 kr. You can also get draft beers for a cheap 40 kr.

Palm tree house and antique statues

There are many reasons to visit Glyptoteket, even on a warm and sunny summer day. Personally, I think the antique statues from Rome and Greece are fascinating, but Glyptoteket is in itself also really beautiful. Especially the winter garden, a kind of greenhouse with palm trees and other exotic plants, and the perfect place to relax.

Corsa pizza
Photo: Corsa Pizza Østerbro

Pizza even Naples can agree to

 It’s no secret that Copenhagen is not the south of Italy. But with Corsa Pizza on a hot summer day, you can almost imagine sitting at the foot of Mount Etna and enjoying an authentic pizza. Because Corsa makes insanely delicious Neapolitan pizzas. My summer is not over until I’ve stopped by Corsa and satisfied my pizza craving. I think it will be one of those with a proper lump of Burrata on top, and then with an Italian beer on the side.


Written by Kasper Syhler
Editor at VisitCopenhagen

I probably couldn't be luckier than having to give my picks for five things not to miss out on in the middle of the Copenhagen summer. I love short sleeves and I wish it was t-shirt weather all year round. As we all know, it's not. But now it's July, so all my recommendations can be done in short sleeves - actually one of them even topless.

Le Grand Départ
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Le Grand Départ

Okay, it's no secret that the Tour de France starts in Copenhagen this year, and it will definitely be with me as a spectator. For the last few weeks, I've been thinking about where on the route I should place myself and my cooler, glasses, and bottle of white Burgundy, while I send the riders off to a good start!
I haven't quite decided on a spot yet, but I will soon. Luckily, I have all my logistical information in place because I've checked VisitCopenhagen's Tour de France page.

Tour de KBH
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Tour de CPH

The day after the world's best cyclists have ridden the individual time trial route around Copenhagen, it's us, the world's second-best riders who will have the pleasure. The Tour de CPH route will still be closed off for cars and from 9 am we will have most of the day to complete the 13.2 kilometers of the route.

New Worlds Emerge
Photo: Grosen Foto for DGI Byen

Computergames in the Meatpacking District

I'm not the world's most dedicated gamer, but with a distant past in the Danish video game industry, my love for video games is still alive. From 25 June to 4 August, Øksnehallen in the Meatpacking District will host a major exhibition called New Worlds Emerge, where you can get up close and personal with all things game design and production.
The exhibition is about the creation and history of the most famous Danish computer games from sketch to screen, including HITMAN, Inside and Subway Surfers, Deep Rock Galactic, and others.

Hornbæk SUP | Daniel Rasmussen
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Popsicles and Sun screen

Growing up near Hornbæk beach and spending many summer days with your toes in the sand there as a kid, I have a special bond with Hornbæk beach. For me, Hornbæk beach consists of equal parts nostalgic summer vibes, popsicles from the kiosk, and memories of learning to swim underwater with my eyes open. But all nostalgia aside, it's definitely still a really good beach.

Perron på BaneGaarden
Photo: Martin Kaufmann

Pizzas at Perron

The last thing on my bucket list for July is a visit to Banegaarden, which is still a bit of a hidden gem between Vesterbro and Sydhavn. Banegaarden is a piece of land located on the DSB railway site. The buildings, 9 old wooden barns from the early 1900s, have been restored and now form the setting for a green and gastronomic gathering point. Personally, I'm interested in dropping by Perron and trying out their delicious-looking pizzas. Lade 609 is also worth a visit if you're looking for more of a knife and fork kind of dining experience


Written by Anders Nørland
Student assistant in Brand & Creative, and part of the editorial team behind Visitcopenhagen.

Summer is here, the sun is shining and the spirits are high. The city is buzzing with life and happy days and, as always, there are plenty of cool activities and experiences to do. As for the weather, let's for once try to be optimistic. This month's recommendations are almost entirely outdoors. Put on your Hawaiian shirt, cover your face with thick factor 50 sunscreen, and put out some shades. Here are 5 recommendations from my personal to-do list for June.

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Go Kayaking

Summer is the perfect time to go kayaking around the canals of Copenhagen. Imagine an early Saturday morning, no wind, the sun is shining and the city is still asleep, while you smoothly glide through the canals enjoying the beauty of Copenhagen. I don't guarantee that it's necessarily going to be quite this idyllic, but it's possible, right?

Østerberg Ice Cream
Photo: Østerberg Ice Cream

Eat an Ice Cream at Østerberg

Summer means lots of ice cream and Østerberg has been my go-to ice cream place in town for the past few years. Østerberg has two shops in the city, one on Værnedamsvej and one near Trianglen in Østerbro. There are typically 10-15 different flavors to choose from with new and exciting flavors on a weekly basis such as honey/saffron, olive oil, cashew, watermelon sorbet or avocado/lime sorbet. You can check out Østerberg's Instagram if you're interested in today's selection.

Photo: Tuala Hjarnø

Visit Bakken in Dyrehaven

I've never been to Bakken, but that's going to change in June. Bakken has free admission so it makes sense to buy a tour pass (unlimited rides) and go all-in on the experience. I want to try every single ride and then drink a beer or two in the beautiful surroundings of Dyrehaven. If the weather is nice, you can also course stop by Bellevue Beach and take a refreshing dip on your way home. The beach is a short walk from Bakken and right next to Klampenborg Station.

Photo: Gabriel Miranda


Distortion is back! I've been looking forward to once again partying, dancing, drinking, and socializing at the best street party in town. It's with a few new changes this year, including the replacement of Nørrebro with Rådhuspladsen and Copenhagen Harbour. The festival takes place from 1-5 June, where you can experience Havnehygge, Distortion X, Distortion Club, Distortion Ø and Vesterbro Street Party. Find me on Refshaleøen, wearing sunglasses and shorts, sipping on a cold Club Maté with vodka, and dancing till the sun goes up.

Lee's Kitchen
Photo: Lee's Kitchen

Eat at Lee's Kitchen

A man needs to eat. So of course, last but not least we're headed to the newly opened Chinese restaurant, Lee's Kitchen for some delicious Chinese food. This is a place I've wanted to try for quite some time now. The menu is simple and consists of Chinese classics like mapo tofu, crispy fried wontons, char siu, and spicy beef noodle soup. If the name and bare thought of these dishes don't make your mouth water, it's probably because you haven't tried them before and then you really have something to look forward to!


Written by Frederik Legind Ibsing
Student assistant in Brand & Creative, and part of the editorial team behind Visitcopenhagen.

May in Copenhagen means the best part of spring and the transition to summer. The leaves on the trees turn green and you may be lucky enough that the weather allows for shorts and a t-shirt. I have picked out 5 recommendations on my own personal May to-do list. There's something for the foodies, the culturally interested and the ones who just want to see some green nature. 

Nature meets city in Copenhagen's Sydhavnen area
Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

The green oasis of the South harbour

Sydhavnstippen may be the closest thing you come to untamed nature in Copenhagen. A kind of green oasis, with no landscaped trails besides the ones people make themselves. The tress and the grass a taken care of by the sheep and lamas that roam the area. The Park is also surrounded by fun and quirky garden communities, with houses like the ones you see in Christiania.

Cafe slusen
Photo: Maria Sattrup

Café with South Harbour charm

Café Slusen is a café that lies on the old harbour lock in the south harbour. It’s a super cosy café that radiates south harbour charm. I have never been to Café Slusen before, even though I’m a local sydhavner (south harbour resident). But I think I’m gonna change that this month. It doesn’t get more authentic than the area around the harbour lock, with houseboats and people fishing from the little walkway across the water.

milles minis
Photo: Milles Minis

Small sweet cakes and pastry

If you like me, have difficulties picking which cake to eat, when you’re at the bakery then I have the solution for you. Mille’s Minis in The South harbour makes mini versions of normal cakes. Like a mini-Othello cake or a mini strawberry pie. The patisserie works with the motto, why settle for one cake when you can have several?

Getting Cultural at Copenhagen Contemporary

Now we’re heading to the northern part of the Copenhagen harbour. Here you’ll find Copenhagen Contemporary. I have just been here, but I can feel that it’s not gonna be long before I come back. Right now, they have an exhibition called Light and Space. Here you’ll experience a world of light and colour with all kinds of fantastic installations. The high point for me was a completely blacked out room, where you couldn’t see a thing. I can promise your senses will come to work overtime.

Frilands museet
Photo: Sandra Gregersen

An open-air museum

The last recommendation is one of my favourite museums in Copenhagen. It lies on the outskirts of the city because it’s an outdoor museum. It’s called Frilandsmuseet, and it’s a collection of old Danish houses and farms. See it has a trip back in time to see how the Danish farmers used to live.


Written by Kasper Syhler
Editor at VisitCopenhagen

Can you feel it? Spring is on its way. The sky is bluer, the temperature is slowly rising, and people are losing their winter coats and moving outside to get a taste of the long-awaited spring sun (remember sunscreen). I'm on the same journey. The wool coat is stoved away in the attic and the sunglasses have reappeared from the drawer. I'm ready for April. I got 5 things scheduled. Stuff that I would both recommend and want to try myself. Come along, it's spring.

Enghave Plads 9
Photo: PR Enghave Plads 9

Wine at Enghave Plads

After a few years of metro construction, Enghave Plads has really found itself again. The square is anew a Vesterbro favourite when it comes to outdoor hang-outs. I'm in love with Enghave Plads 9 which is now both a conventional bar, but also they are also serving wine to go. The recipe is simple, order a glass of cold white wine, find a place to sit in the sun and enjoy life.

Kalvebod Brygge
Photo: Mathias Brandt

A chilly dip at Kalvebod Brygge

I'm not a winter swimmer, but I can manage swimming in the spring. April is the month for the first dip, and Kalvebod Brygge is where I will kick off the swimming season. I will bring along coffee on the thermos and I will go on one of the nicer days when the sun is out. If Kalvebod Brygge isn't really on your way, there are plenty of other places along the harbour where you can jump in. Here's a guide to some of the good swimming spots in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.

Burger, fries and a large coke

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that at times craves a really good burger, and I know just where to go for the next one; Tommi's burger joint. They serve seriously good burgers, with all the classic condiments. I imagine myself walking around the meatpacking district, absorbing the atmosphere. Get a little aperitif someplace and then go for a big juicy burger in the sun. But the city is full of good burgers, so if you're looking for alternatives, check out our guide to the best burgers in the city.

Thomas Eskerod
Photo: Thomas Eskerod

Underground japanese art

Recently a new exhibition by the Japanese artish Chiharu Shioto opened in Cisternerne in Søndermarken in Frederiksberg. The former underground water reservoir has been transformed into a dream-like parallel world, which I need to experience. The exhibition is called Multiple Realities and is described as both magical and disturbing. For me, it will be April's first dose of art. I will probably combine it with a stroll around a blooming Søndermarken.

Authentic bistro vibe at Jægersborggade

The last recommendation involves knives and forks. Yes, now we're going for top-shelf fresh fish, shellfish and natural wines. Silberbauers Bistro opened last spring and quickly became a go-to place for perfectly cooked fish, reasonable prices and authentic good vibes. The place is located at the still hip Jægersborggade at Nørrebro. They do welcome walk-ins but make reservations just to make sure to get a table. It's a popular place.


Written by Anders Nørland
Student assistant in Brand & Creative, and part of the editorial team behind Visitcopenhagen.

March in Copenhagen can be chilly but as the days get longer and the temperature rises, the spring spirit slowly begins to spread. And while the weather may not be quite what we'd like it to be just yet, the city is luckily as cool to explore as always. Copenhagen is packed with hidden gems, fun activities, exciting culture, delicious eateries, and cozy bars. Here are some of the things on our personal bucket list for March.

Darcy's Kaffe Nørrebro
Photo: Sebastian Himmelstrup

Enjoy some good coffee at Darcy's Kaffe

Darcy's Kaffe is located on Ranzausgade in Nørrebro and has been around for a couple of years. If you (like myself) are a self-proclaimed coffee snob and haven't paid this coffee shop a visit yet, then now is the time. The coffee at Darcy's is brewed on beans from Coffee Collective, April, and La Cabra, and has been chosen as one of the best coffee shops in the city several times. Apart from great coffee, they also serve small dishes and a variety of delicious pastries.

Visit the Gaugin exhibition in Ordrupgaard Museum

The weather in March is often both cold and wet, and only a few activities are more appropriate in such weather than a visit to an art museum. Ordrupgaard Museum in the north of Copenhagen currently has a special exhibition of the works of expressionist painter, Paul Gaugin. Many of the works have never been shown in Denmark before, so this spring is a great time to pay Ordrupgaard a visit. In addition to the Gaugin exhibition, the museum also offers impressive architecture, contemporary art, and Danish design.

Join the morning cinema at Grand Theatre

A must-do on my bucket list for this month is to go to one of the morning shows at the Grand Theatre cinema. Every morning there are morning shows in the historic and cozy cinema in the city center. You can usually choose between 2-3 different movies and the ticket costs only 70 kroner and includes a hot cup of coffee or tea. If you start your day off by going to the movies, while sipping on hot coffee, it will certainly turn out to be a good day.

Participate in one of the many pub quizzes around the city

There's nothing like stepping into one of the city's cozy bars after a long day and having a well-deserved cold beer. And why just sit around when there are actually several bars in the city that regularly host fun quiz nights you can join? One of these places is Søhesten, which organizes a pub quiz every Tuesday. If you fancy a pub quiz on any other day of the week, you can also regularly find pub quizzes at fx Absalon or Studenterhuset.

Eat a(nother) fried chicken sandwich at Poulette

It only takes one visit to Poulette to get you hooked on the ultra-crispy, spicy, and juicy fried chicken sandwiches. After a visit to the cozy little joint in January, their sandwiches have been stuck in my head and I've been unable to stop thinking about them. Therefore, the last thing on my bucket list for March must be to, once again, eat one of the amazing sandwiches. In addition to fried chicken, Poulette also offers fried Mapo Tofu as a vegetarian alternative and crispy spicy fries with mapo mayo on the side.