Kayak Republic

Kayak Republic is Copenhagen's most experienced sea kayak tour provider and offer daily tours and courses focusing on learning the right techniques.  

Kayak Republic will show you Copenhagen from a new angle – the city center, the Opera, Christiania, and the lively canals. The guides know all the mystic places only the kayak can reach and they will do their utmost to ensure you a good experience on the water.

You can also do a roundtrip in the cozy canals, of Copenhagen on your own. You will be provided with a map and our recommended route. In the kayak you will find a peaceful experience. Enjoy the freedom and go sightseeing without traffic lights or noisy road work.

Kayak Republic do also have a bar affiliated with food and drink and a lot of music and events. The bar is named Kayak Bar.

Be the captain of your own kayak, and enjoy the opportunity to control your own boat and go where ever you want to!

Get a free kayak for two hours

The Green Kayak is a non-profit iniative where you get a free two persons kayak for two hours if only you collect trash floating in the surface. This way you contribute to keeping Copenhagen's harbour among the world's cleanest. Contact