Things to do in Copenhagen

Get inspired and discover Copenhagen’s classic tourist attractions, palaces, hidden gems and much more that’ll inspire you to go out and explore Copenhagen.

Discover the gems outside the city

Copenhagen's surrounding region is easy to reach and is packed with beatiful landscapes and cozy beach towns, historic castles and modern museums that all make for a perfect day trip.  

Perfect day trips

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Get inspired to an eco-friendly stay

Jumping in the clean harbour and bike everywhere. Those are just some of the visible proofs that Copenhagen is a global frontrunner when it comes to creating city where sustainability and a high quality of life go hand in hand. But there are plenty of ways you can take sustainable action and have fun when visiting our green capital.

Unfolding Copenhagen's culture and creativity

Art centers, galleries, museums, historic and contemporary. Copenhagen’s art scene draws world-famous artists from all over the world, and the art instiutions have something for everyone. Besides, the architecture and design legacy of Copenhagen is strong and reasons to pay some of these places a visit.

Want to see and do Copenhagen like a true local?

Get up on that saddle. In our guide to bike city Copenhagen, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your bicycle itinerary. Go discover! 

Copenhagen is buzzing all year around

Copenhagen is blessed with four very distinct seasons each with their own special flavour. Whether you're looking for a vibrant summer vibe, colourful autumn, cosy winter or beautiful spring - Copenhagen is incredible no matter the time of year.

Restaurant Undici in Christianshavn


Kunsthal Charlottenborg in autumn colours


Frozen canal | Daniel Jensen


The Black Square in Superkilen Park in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.