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The architecture legacy in Copenhagen is strong, all-pervading and built on the international success experienced by the New Modern architecture movement in the 1960’s - but is more relevant than ever. Here's why.

Ever since then, Copenhagen has been shaped by several booms of new, innovative buildings and urban spaces across neighbourhoods and lately with a strong focus on combining sustainability and high quality of life.

19 architectural masterpieces in Copenhagen

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Some background and some concrete tips on where to go

Dive into the history of Danish design and architecture then and now in this article. And after reading, jump on a bike and head out into the many bikes-only bridges connecting the city of Copenhagen.

How Copenhagen became an architecture and design paragon

Creativity, craftsmanship and democracy are all elements that for decades have helped position Denmark as a frontrunner in innovative design and architecture that improve lives.

Bike bridges in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is very much a city made for bikes – and the bridges are no exception. Jump in the saddle and go for a ride across the harbour. Here are the bridges, you cannot miss on your bike ride.   Want to know more about the Copenhagen bike culture? Check out this article.

Neighbourhoods to visit for its architecture (and more)

Ørestad and Nordhavn are both relatively new neighbourhoods in Copenhagen's city scape. They also happen to be filled to the brim with some pretty amazing modern architecture worth a visit.

Guide to architectural Ørestad

Ørestad is the place to spot new and rule-bending architecture in Copenhagen. The new and striking architecture stand in beautiful contrast to the vast nature out on these parts of Amager . If you want to go architecture hunting, then here's a list of some of the best in Ørestad.

Architecture and design in Nordhavn

These spots are all reasons to why Nordhavn is quickly becoming a hot-spot for all things modern architecture and design spaces.


Danish Architecture Center

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The architectural masterpiece 8House

8TALLET follows the pattern of architectural master pieces in Ørestad in Copenhagen and is designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). 8TALLET (i.e. the ...

Experience Ørestad - architecture tours

City walks, guided bus tours and presentations about Copenhagen’s Nordic architecture with Experience Ørestad. Experience Ørestad is a company tha...

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Full article: Sustainability and architecture in Copenhagen

Water, light, green spaces and innovative thinking are key elements in Copenhagen’s architectural development and some of the ingredients that combine sustainable actions with a high quality of life.

How Copenhagen is pioneering in sustainable urban development

Photo: Giuseppe Liverino