Sofie Lund Michaelsen - Christianshavn

The Architect's Guide to Copenhagen - Sofie Lund Michaelsen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Discover the Copenhagen waterfront architecture and lifestyle, guided by Danish architect Sofie Lund Michaelsen

In 2023, Copenhagen has been awarded  UNESCO-UIA - World Capital of Architecture in recognition of its strong legacy within architecture and innovative urban development, along with its high ambitions on climate, sustainable solutions, and liveability.

Christianshavn - Sofie Lund Michaelsen

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

For that reason, we have asked a couple of Danish architects to give their opinions on what makes Copenhagen special .

Let architect Sofie Lund Michaelsen guide you through Copenhagen, and show you some of her favourite places. Places that tell stories about life, and history as well as point to the future. 

The Architect's Guide to Copenhagen - Sofie Lund Michaelsen

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Let's go on a journey through the city of Copenhagen with architect Anders Lendager and find out what his favourite places are and why. 

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