Your guide to the perfect Copenhagen experience

Danes rank among the world's most happy people. And in Copenhagen, you'll learn why. The buzzing capital mixes royal history, modern architecture and loads of culture with sustainable living and a booming restaurant scene. Constantly evolving, it can be hard to know exactly what to see and do (and when) - But don't worry; we're here to help. Here and on the VisitCopenhagen Instagram account.   

Info on covid-19 (corona) virus

IMPORTANT: Due to the covid-19 situation, the Danish authorities have closed the Danish borders by March 14 at noon up to and including April 13 2020.

Get to know the neighbourhoods

Copenhagen is divided into a pack of very different yet equally loveable neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct vibes and looks.

Explore beyond the city limits

The laid back Copenhagen lifestyle stretches far beyond the city limits. Do like the locals and head for the coast or country to experience, relax and grow.

Useful guides for every need and every traveller

Get the insider tips to a perfect winter trip to cozy Copenhagen or learn what makes the city a frontrunner in sustainability and what eco-friendly choices you can take while you’re here.

Go green: A sustainability guide to Copenhagen

Get to know the green and sustainable Copenhagen and how you can make the most eco-friendly choices when visiting.

Editor's choice: 5 things to do this March

By Annika Løbnitz Skjoldborg, Digital Marketing Assistant and part of the editorial staff who each month share their personal tips to Copenhagen.

Locals share their deep knowledge and best tips

Let some of Copenhagen's experts on gastronomy, culture and urban development explain just what it is that makes their beloved city unique in its own great-tasting, creative and beautiful way.

Get to know Copenhagen from the local experts

We've asked some of Copenhagen's most well-rounded locals to share their knowledge on where to go, what to eat, drink, and what to do in their home city. This is your gateway to dig a little deeper in wonderful Copenhagen.

Neighbourhood video guides

Who could be better guides to the neighbourhood than the people who actually live there? This bunch of talented, local photographers have a fine-tuned eye for spotting the good story and are happy to share their neighbourhood with you.

Getting around: Exploring the city couldn’t be easier

With a state-of-the-art metro, smooth public transport, short distances and status as one of the best bike cities in the world, getting around town to experience everything couldn't be easier than in Copenhagen.

How to get around in Copenhagen

The public transport infrastructure of Copenhagen is among the most efficient and reliable in the world, and it is still being developed and improved....

The complete guide to biking in Copenhagen

Explore Copenhagen on two wheels. This guide points you to some of the best bike rentals, bike routes and other sorts of inspiration that'll make you ...

Plan your stay

All the practical stuff that will help you off to the best possible trip to Copenhagen. Useful before and during your stay. Right here, you will find ...

Free admission and public transport with a Copenhagen Card

Save time and money with a Copenhagen Card. Here is how.

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