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New podcast: Insider's Guide to Copenhagen

Photo: Mellanie Gandø

Whether you're a Copenhagen local or visiting, you will discover plenty of new spots in this podcast! Radio and television host Esben Bjerre joins different Copenhageners in their favourite activities, places to eat, where they bring their friends, and many hidden gems around the city.

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Mellanie Gandø

Drinks and Danish Smørrebrød

When Harry Bell wanted to expand his horizons and leave Italy, his friend told him, "Do you want to be in the place where everything already happened or do you want to be in the place where everybody needs to be?" Harry went to Copenhagen because he knew it as a place with a strong food scene. His plan was to stay for a year - and eight years later, he is still here. According to himself, he has lost his heart to Copenhagen.


podcast logo annie
Mellanie Gandø

Kids in the city

When Annie Samples's husband got a job offer in his dream city, Copenhagen, the Texas-born mother of four packed everything up and made the move despite never having set foot on Danish soil. Fortunately, she fell in love with Copenhagen and to her, this is now home. After the initial cultural shock, for instance, coming to terms with the Danish stroller practice, she and her family fell in love with the architecture, flowers, bakeries, and much more.

podcast logo laura
Mark Tanggaard

Beer, bathing and solo traveling

Laura Hall visited Copenhagen for the first time as a solo traveller. Later, she moved back and thought she would be here for two years. After six months, Laura and her husband looked at each other and decided the easy Copenhagen lifestyle was for them. She feels that Copenhagen is safe, notably for women travelling solo, and that Danes are kind and caring. And the weather? Laura has taken the Danish saying “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” to heart!

podcast logo rosio
Mark Tanggaard

Adrenaline rushes and exotic food

When Rosio Sanchez first came to Copenhagen, it was to work as a pastry chef for Noma; She actually heard about Noma, before she heard about Copenhagen! Now, Copenhagen is home. To her, Copenhagen is a city that "has more or less everything" and feels like a breath of fresh air. The walkable city with cycle paths everywhere keeps you active and as she said, "it's is a special city that changes how you are."