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Podcast: Insider's Guide to Copenhagen - Bikes, coffee and urban spaces

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Join Chilean bike enthusiast Aldo Pavia as he takes radio and television host Esben Bjerre for a stroll through some of his favourite Copenhagen spots and shares what makes Copenhagen special to him.

When Aldo fell in love with a Danish woman, he begged her to bring him to Copenhagen. When he arrived, it was snowy and windy, and people were still on their bikes. Flabbergasted by the stubbornness of Danes, combined with his own passion for cycling, he knew he had to move here. For Aldo, the bike equals freedom. With freedom and the love of Copenhagen, he has found a balance that keeps him relaxed.

Join Aldo as he shows Esben where he spends his time in Copenhagen and where he brings his bike. They will spend their time in the Nørrebro and Nordvest area, which is just 10 minutes away from the city centre. 

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Flere Fugle - Podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Flere Fugle

The premises of the former garage have been refurbished and now function as a communal space with a focus on the development of democracy and, therefore, go under the name of Demokratigaragen. Flere Fugle, which is Danish for “more birds” is one of the many good bakeries in Copenhagen and a true hidden gem.

Grundtvig's Church - Podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Grundtvig's Church

Grundtvig's Church was erected in commemoration of the great Danish priest, poet, and reformer N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783 - 1882). This monumental church is referred to in modern terms as a gothic cathedral - and for the inspiration for the church in the Shrek movies! The church is also known for its stunning symmetrical and harmonical interiors. As Esben says, it feels like this church is so out of the world, that it is hard to believe it is actually in Copenhagen.

Bispebjerg Cemetery - Podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Bispebjerg Cemetery

With its 43 hectares, Bispebjerg Cemetary has room for everybody. Especially during Spring, some very specific avenues attract avid Instagrammers. When the characteristic cherry blossoms bloom and explode in an awe-inspiring pink flower sky, people look up and enjoy the amazing view. It is one of the few places in the city, where you are surrounded by nature and often can't spot any buildings.

Tekno Eatery - podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Tekno Eatery

Aldo has been really impressed with the creativity and quality of food in Copenhagen, and Tekno Eatery is no different. The eatery is located on the raw and popular Rentemestervej in the Nordvest neighbourhood. They serve delicious breakfast and lunch to passers-by and to the various workplaces in the area. The food feels exotic yet homey, like you are invited to a private garden party.


Superkilen - podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Superkilen Park

Superkilen Park is divided into three main areas: Red Square, Black Market and Green Park. While The Red Square offers modern, urban life with café, music and sports, The Black Market is the classic square with a fountain and benches. The Green Park is a park for picnics, sports and walking the dog. Aldo loves to come here, as he rarely sees city squares that are in active use, but Superkilen Park is. There are many small corners, so you can also enjoy Superkilen Park if you just want a little quiet time.

Aldo Pavia - Podcast
Photo: Mark Tanggaard

Café Arrebo

Cafe Arrebo is located on the outskirts of the Superkilen Park and is perfect for a good cup of coffee. The interior at Arrebo is minimalistic, and the counter is decorated with unique and colorful square tiles. At Arrebo, computers and tablets are banned. That’s because the owners of the café wish to create a buzzing yet cosy space with a social and interactive atmosphere.


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