Frozen canal | Daniel Jensen

Copenhagen winter days

Photo: Daniel Jensen

Copenhagen might be a bit chilly in the winter, but really, that is part of the charm of a good nordic city break. And let's not forget that the city is explored best both indoors and outdoors.

Refresh and retreat

It may seem crazy to voluntarily expose your body to extreme cold; nevertheless, the polar bear plunge is a very popular thing in Denmark that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed. There are many great places to explore the cold thrills in Copenhagen, but if you’re more into a warmer version of refreshment, we also have many great suggestions for finding the best spa and wellness experience.

Copenhagen is buzzing all year around

Copenhagen is blessed with four very distinct seasons each with their own special flavour. Whether you're looking for a vibrant summer vibe, colourful autumn, cosy winter or beautiful spring - Copenhagen is incredible no matter the time of year.

The Black Square in Superkilen Park in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.


Restaurant Undici in Christianshavn


Kunsthal Charlottenborg in autumn colours


Frozen canal | Daniel Jensen


Copenhagen - an urban winter wonderland