Arts, culture and Danish design

Whether you're into contemporary art, theatre, ancient sculptures, design classics or heavy metal concerts, Copenhagen is ready to entertain, teach, inspire and impress you. 


With heavyweights like the The Royal Danish Opera House and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the cultural scene in the city is well established. That doesn't keep new-comers from flourishing, as new galleries and design keeps appearing around Copenhagen.  

Why you shouldn’t underestimate Copenhagen’s art and design scene

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Insider info

Our local contributor Jeni Porter, an art and culture expert, is giving you the ins and outs of the Copenhagen art scene. 

Contemporary cool

By Jeni Porter Jeni is a contributing editor to Ark Journal  and one  of our  local contributors covering Copenhagen's culture, gastronomy and urban development.

The Hammershøi effect

By Jeni Porter Jeni is a con tributing editor to Ark Journal   and one of our  local contributors  covering Copenhagen's culture, gastronomy and urban development.

Attractions and museums in the city's cultural centre

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Danish design

The world of Danish design is one worth exploring. From furniture and clothing to world-class art and innovative bike bridges, Copenhagen delivers on all perimeters. 

How Copenhagen became an architecture and design paragon

Creativity, craftsmanship and democracy are all elements that for decades have helped position Denmark as a frontrunner in innovative design and architecture that improve lives.

8 reasons why Copenhagen is the world's finest design showroom

Copenhagen is very much a capital of design – the city is filled with design brands, shops and inspiration. Here are some of the best places to get your design fix when you're here.

Museums for all

Whether you're interested in art, culture, history or design, Copenhagen has a museum for your liking. 

History museums in Copenhagen

Copenhagen oozes of history, with its cobblestone narrow streets, old timbered houses, ancient castles and palaces . Throughout the city, loads of museums specialize in the most important periods in Danish history, where you get to dive deep into the past. Here are the best of the bunch!

6 museums in 1 ticket at Parkmuseerne museum district

Parkmuseerne is Copenhagen’s green museum district with six museums situated in and around three historical parks in the city centre .

Copenhagen's top museums

Copenhagen is a great city for art lovers and home to internationally acknowledged art museums, and also boasts some fantastic themed and historic museums. Here are the best of the lot; some in the lush outskirts of the city and others smack dap in the midst of it all.

Museums fit for a day trip

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

For the eyes and ears

Opera, ballet, theatre and classical

Are you an opera, ballet or theatre enthusiast? Then you have come to the right city! With its historic charm and old, authentic buildings, Copenhagen makes the perfect setting for a breathtaking opera, ballet or theatre experience.

Art galleries in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, you will find a thriving art scene with the galleries to match. From small experimental places to big galleries showing both Danish and international names.

Live music in Copenhagen

Just as Copenhagen focuses on fashion and culture , so does the city have a sweet spot for music. The many venues ensure that there's a concert to catch every day, and festivals such as Jazz , Distortion , and Roskilde take over the city to celebrate music and all that goes with it.

Active art

The contemporary art exhibition space, Kunsthal Charlottenborg has curated an art bike tour free for all to download and explore. There's no better way to see Copenhagen than from a bike, so why not mix it with the urge to explore Copenhagen's art scene. 

Bike art tour

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen