5 reasons to experience Copenhagen in winter

Photo: Martin Heiberg

The season of hyggeChristmas markets, woolen sweaters, candlelight and good times with the ones you love. Winter in Copenhagen is when we snuggle up to make to most of this dark season, and this guide is here to help you understand just what it is that makes a Copenhagen winter special. 


Try the city's ice rinks

Every winter, some of the city’s squares dress up for the season and transform into wonderful ice rinks which allows you to have fun on the ice throughout the winter season. By the entrance to the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens and by Broens Street Food are two of the most notable locations.


Watch the canals freeze over

If you're lucky, you'll get to experience snow and frozen canals in Copenhagen. No guarantees given, but the occassional snowfall and ice-covered harbour and canals surely gives the city another magical expression.

Copenhagen's habour in winter seen from the sauna's at CopenHot.
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Try an alternative spa experience

Get your saltwater injection in a spa sailing around Copenhagen’s harbour or enjoy the unrivalled harbour views. With CopenHot, you’ll get a spa experience that we bet you’ve never tried before.


Get a taste of gløgg and learn why Danes are so obsessed with it

Gløgg: A sweet and spicy seasonal love affair. Read about the Danes' love for this warm, seasonal alcoholic drink and where they serve the best.


Wind down and get warm in fantastic spa hotels

Copenhagen has some pretty fantastic hotels, including the ones with unique pools and spa areas, where saunas and various treatments all add a touch of luxury to your stay. Treat yourself and spend your nights in Copenhagen at one of these hotels.