Hviids Vinstue

Glögg - A warm and sweet companion on cold days

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Glögg is a sacred part of Danish Christmas traditions. It is the perfect drink to consume after a cold day of Christmas shopping or while you stroll through one of Copenhagens many Christmas Markets.

Historians have trouble finding the source of when glögg was invented, but one thing is certain: You will never find a Dane who can remember a December month where glögg did not play a part. The drink traditionally consists of warm red wine with christmassy spices, such as cinnamon, orange, cloves, almonds and raisins. Glögg is often served with a spoon, so you get to have the edible ingredients as well. 

It is so deeply rooted in the Danish Christmas traditions that there is an annual Glögg Championship competition in November to kick off the festivities. With great things come many great interpretations, and we have put together a guide below so you can decide where to go first on your Copenhagen Glögg-a-ton. From the traditional to the hip, and everything in between; there is a glögg for everyone!

Oliviers & Co
Photo: Silke Bringstrup

The Champion Glögg

The head chef at restaurant Oberra, Anders Damgaard, in collaboration with the olive oil pushers at Oliviers & Co, brewed his way to 1st place in both the judges' and the people's jury's annual Danish Championship in Glögg competition. The mulled wine is topped with mandarin olive oil from Olivers & Co, which, according to the judges, made them want to revisit the mulled wine again and again. 

Hviids Vinstue
Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

The Traditional Glögg

On the 11/11 at 11:00, Hviids Vinstue, one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen that opened in 1723, launches their glögg. It is an annual event that dates back to 1954, and the recipe used to day is the same as the one in 1954. Hviids Vinstue is, therefore, our recommendation for your traditional glass of glögg.

Paloma Vermuteria
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The Hip Glögg

Paloma Vermuteria is famous for its 'hip' environment and for its many Vermount drinks. Their glögg is a classic one, but with a twist. It contains traditional Christmas spices, apples and oranges and 10-year-old Spanish brandy. It gives extra depth to the glögg, and both Paloma Vermuteria and their glögg will quickly become your favourite. 

Enghave Plads 9
Photo: Anne-Sophie

The To-go Glögg

At Enghave Plads 9, they offer both white and red glögg with port wine, rum, raisins & almonds. You can either enjoy it in the bar or take it with you to-go. The latter means that you can grab a cup and take a stroll around the beautiful Enghave Plads or Vesterbro, while you sip your glögg. A true Danish Christmas experience! 

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The Alternative Glögg

bird. launched an alternative version of glögg in 2022, and it was wildly popular. Instead of the base being red wine, it was hot gin and juice. The Christmas spices are still there, so you needn't worry about getting into the spirit. 

Nimb at Christmas
Photo: Anders Bøggild

The Luxery Glögg

Nimb is, regardless of which location you are at, a luxurious experience. Their glögg is no exception! If you order a glögg at Nimb, you will also get some of their home-baked Christmas treats to enjoy it with. We recommend trying it at the Nimb Bar located on the border to Tivoli, where you can lean back and enjoy yourself and their crackling fireplace in the beautiful high-ceiling room.