The Citadel | Photo: Martin Heiberg

Se & do in Østerbro

Even though Østerbro is a more quiet and family-friendly part of Copenhagen, it still has many things to offer. 

Aamans | Photo: Columbus Leth

Cafés and restaurants in Østerbro

The diverse and family-friendly Østerbro boasts a wide range of fine dining restaurants and cozy cafés. 

Leckerbaer | Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Sweet treats in Østerbro

No matter if you are info cakes, ice cream or desserts Østerbro has many things for you to try. Deciding what to choose is the hardest part. 

FN | Photo: Marin Heiberg

Architecture and design in Nordhavn

Nordhavn is one of Copenhagen's newer areas, and it is a hotspot for architecture. Here, you'll find groundbreaking design, harbourside living and something as unusual as a rooftop gym.

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