Coloured houses, Olufsvej, Østerbro | Martin Heiberg

What to see and do in Østerbro

Østerbro is a more quiet and family-friendly part of Copenhagen, but still has many things to offer for any kind of visitor. An ever evolving dining scene, great shopping and a suberb collection of mouthwatering sweet treats.

Many green areas make their mark on this part of the city. In fact, Østerbro is one of the greenest neighbourhoods within the city limits. This is partly due to the park Fælledparken – Denmark’s largest public park - which is a perfect place for old and young with its playgrounds - including a bike playground for - skatepark, sports facilities, football grounds, a dog off-leash areas and not least home to Denmark's national stadium Telia Parken.

Østerbro is also close to the water, with a beach park at Svanemøllen in one end and Copenhagen's Lakes, in the other. Top this off with the beautiful Citadel, the little mermaid and the harbour area, and you got yourself a plethora of perfect walking areas and hangout spots.