Superkilen and kids
Get ready to play

Copenhagen with kids

In Copenhagen, we love kids! And kids usually love Copenhagen. Plenty of space, 125 public playgrounds, and child-friendly attractions set the scene for a good time in the city for kids of all ages.

Parents can feel comfortable too as Copenhagen is a city designed to match the needs of kids and their parents. See where you can feed your baby, rent the baby equipment that is too much of a hassle to bring, and find out what you want to explore with your children. 

Christmas is many children's favourite time of year and a season that is perfect to experience in the capital of cozy. 

Fun attractions for kids

Reserved places on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants, art museums in kids' height and of course reductions at all attractions. Copenhagen is kids friendly and full of adventures for the whole family to enjoy.

Playgrounds in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, we take having fun very seriously and it is therefore no surprise that cool playgrounds await small explorers all over the city. From one that is made of towers, to one that lets you ride your bike, to one that is placed on a rooftop. There's something for everyone.

Feeling hungry?

Copenhagen is filled with family-friendly places to eat. 

Family-friendly restaurants

Many of Copenhagen’s cafes and restaurants have special children's menus, and provide a special high chair for toddlers. Some places though, go out of their way to make children welcome.

The best ice cream in Copenhagen

Let's admit it: Spring and summer are really just a convenient excuse to eat otherwise inappropriate amounts of ice cream. Here’s our guide to some of the best places for ice cream in Copenhagen.

Street food markets in and around Copenhagen

Lately, Copenhagen has seen an influx of food trucks feeding the street food-craving locals. At the permanent food markets as well as the caravans popping up at events all over the city.

Things to do in Copenhagen with kids

Copenhagen is a city that welcomes kids, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to things to do in Copenhagen with kids.

A classic surprise to tourists arriving in Copenhagen is how sleeping kids are left alone in their strollers outside of cafes and supermarkets. Apparently, this is something you can’t do in other cities, but in Copenhagen, it is perfectly safe and a normal part of most parents daily routine. This serves as a perfect example of just how kid-friendly Copenhagen is.

Kids in Copenhagen enter most attractions at a highly deducted price, if not for free, and kids under 12 even get to use our world-class public transportation for free when accompanied by an adult.

When in Copenhagen with kids, the all-time classic is visiting Tivoli, and though we always encourage our visitors to get off the beaten path, there is no denying that this top-attraction is well worth a visit. It is the most beautiful amusement park in the world (according to our biased opinion).

If you want to experience a bit more localhood than what Tivoli can offer, you should do like the locals and explore fun day-time activities at Absalon. It is an old church refurbished as a colourful community space to give the citizens of cool Vesterbro a place to hang out and get to know each other. Absalon makes most people feel right at home - adults and kids alike.  

The playgrounds in Copenhagen are also well worth a visit. Many of them are not like your usual playground but instead small adventurous hubs. Two of the best ones are Skydebanen in Vesterbro and the Bermuda Triangle in Nørrebroparken in Nørrebro. As an added bonus both of these playgrounds are staffed, so if you’re not sliding down the slides yourself you can enjoy yourself with a nice cup of coffee from the portable bike coffee shops that usually hang around.

Gaining knowledge through play is the sole purpose for the Experimentarium, Copenhagen’s science centre for the whole family. Everything in the building is designed to be touched, so this is something you can do with kids in Copenhagen that has no limitations. Your kids can blow soap bubbles the size of dad, invent new things or explore their six senses along with many other activities. Experimentarium even has the Miniverse, an adventurous science exhibition for the youngest visitors aged 1-5 and their parents.

If you want to bring your kids on an out of the box adventure a little outside of Copenhagen, we suggest you head on a treasure hunt for The Six Forgotten Giants. Danish artist Thomas Dambo has created the six giants out of scrap wood, and they serve as the first chapter in his story: “The great story of the little people and the giant trolls”. If you follow the giant's footsteps, you’ll be taken on an exciting route on the outskirts of Copenhagen, where you can climb the giants and explore the picturesque nature Greater Copenhagen has to offer.

There are so many things to do with kids in Copenhagen, but now on to the practicalities…  

The practicalities

We know travelling with kids can sometimes be a hassle, but we're here to help. Listed below are a few things that will make a family vacation in Copenhagen more smooth. 

Family-friendly hotels

Family-friendly hotels in Copenhagen all offer 4 people+ rooms or connecting rooms, allowing families to stay together. Copenhagen is a children-friendly destination with plenty of experiences for young and adults alike.

Copenhagen Card

Save the hassle while saving money. With free admission to more than 80 attractions and free public transport, the Copenhagen Card is ideal when exploring the city with kids.

Rent baby equipment

Traveling to Copenhagen with kids? Rent affordable, top-quality baby equipment with baby golightly - pick it up at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) around the clock.

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