Biking in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is best explored on two wheels and we're here to help you do just that by guiding you to some of the best bike rentalsbike routes and other sorts of inspiration for your bike ride in Copenhagen. And maybe even beyond the city limits if you're adventureous.  

Bike routes in Copenhagen

You should already know that Copenhagen is a city best experienced by bike. But what exactly should you see and do once in the saddle? We got you covered with these suggestions for bike routes that will guide you all over the city.   Looking to rent a bike? Check out

Bike bridges in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is very much a city made for bikes – and the bridges are no exception. Jump in the saddle and go for a ride across the harbour. Here are the bridges, you cannot miss on your bike ride.   Want to know more about the Copenhagen bike culture? Check out this article.

Explore the Tour de France route in Copenhagen

See the route of the Tour de France Grand Départ and get inspired to jump in the saddle yourself. The route takes the world's best riders (and you) by some amazing sights here in the world's best bike city. Scroll down to see the full route in detail.

The practicalities

Getting on a bike in Copenhagen for the first time can seem a bit scary for some. But do not fear! The best advice is to avoid the bigger streets during early morning and late afternoon rush-hour when all of the locals are rushing to and from work and school. With this guide on where to rent a bike and an article that'll teach you all you need to know before getting in the saddle, you'll be more than good to go. 

Bike rentals

Biking rules

The world's best cyclists in the worlds bike city

Le Tour de France in Copenhagen! Even the fastest local cyclists will face serious competition as Copenhagen will host the start of the Tour in 2021. As some of the most bike-loving people on the planet, we’re beyond excited to welcome the world’s best riders and the world’s biggest race to the world’s best bike city.

A bike city

Every day, 49% of Copenhageners commute to work or studies on a bike. Biking is simply the logical choice and an integral part of every kid's upbringing. If you want to know why that is, these two articles are for you. 

The world’s most bicycle friendly city

This article explores how the infrastructure of the city has helped Copenhagen rank as the world's best city for cycling.

Copenhagen's bike culture

Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Whether there is sun, rain or snow, you can spot people threading their pedals. Check out this article to learn more about the special bicycle culture of the city.

Places to visit on two wheels

These are spots in the city that are especially bike-friendly. 

Superkilen park

Superkilen is a urban open space in Nørrebro located in the Quarter of Mimersgade. The park is divided into three main areas: The Red Square, The Blac...

The Harbour Circle

The ultimate Copenhagen walk can be found along the edge of the harbour, where trails, sidewalks and bridges together create the 13 kilometres long wa...

Children's Traffic Playground

The Children's Traffic Playground is a perfect place for young and older kids to learn about road safety and traffic rules. To provide realistic t...

Karen Blixens Plads

Located in the centre of the University of Copenhagen’s South Campus in Amager you will find Karen Blixen's Plads. After a complete makeover in 2019 b...