Bars, clubs, and parties: The Copenhagen nightlife guide

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Whether you want to dance until the sun comes up or just have a beer or a cocktail with your friends, Copenhagen has something to offer for everyone. From colourful discos to laid back bars and cool clubs. Here are some suggestions on where to conquer the night in Copenhagen.

Discover by area

You can either go for the perfect spot in town that matches what you're looking for - or you can discover the nightlife of Copenhagen neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Here are some local area guides that give you some of the best spots in some of the areas of town with buzzing nightlife.

Lidkoeb Cocktail bar | PR Photo
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The best bars and parties in Vesterbro

Explore Vesterbro’s coveted nightlife and experience the down-to-earth and local approach. Party out in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District and enjoy the big bubble of bars and parties among the young and hip crowds of Copenhagen.

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Nightclubs in the city center

Do you like tasteful cocktails, a good glass of wine or a fierce dance party? Copenhagen’s city centre offers something for everyone. End your day in Copenhagen enjoying the wild nightlife, the great cocktails or pub-crawl through the city’s wine bars, clubs and bodegas. 

Biking in The Meatpacking District in Copenhagen
Martin Heiberg

Guide to the Meatpacking District

Originally home to Copenhagen's meat industry businesses, “Kødbyen” has changed into a new and creative cluster with galleries, nightlife and restaurants.

Going out in Nørrebro

If there is something that Nørrebro understands to master, then it's the nightlife scene. Nørrebro is always a fierce choice if you are thirsty for beer or cocktails and need a good night out. There is something for everyone out here!

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