Photo: Tine Harden

The Killing

Follow in the footsteps of The Danish TV series The Killing - season 1 and its main character vice detective in homicide Sarah Lund, as she struggles to solve the brutal murder of high school student Nanna Birk Larsen. The trail and the consequences of a cruel crime spreads far and wide in Copenhagen, and the investigation opens Copenhagen like a Chinese box - full of dark secrets and power struggles. The Killing first aired in 2007 and has been a TV success from the very start with a Danish viewership of 1.7 million - one third of the population in Denmark.

Despite how dark and Danish it was, it also sparked an international interest in all things Danish and a fascination with what has come to be known as new Nordic Noir, not to mention a cult following of heroine Sarah Lund. It has drawn viewers in over 17 countries, won a BAFTA award, been nominated for an Emmy and since spawned an American remake. The Killing season 1 has been followed by a just as succesful season 2 and final season 3. No more seasons will follow.

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