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Editor's Choice - Our recommendations for 2023

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

In Editor's Choice, the different editors of Visitcopenhagen take turns in recommending 5 places on their personal bucket lists for the coming month. Published once a month, Editor's Choice is a great chance to get an insight into how the local Copenhageners use the city.


Written by Frederik Legind Ibsing
Student assistant in Brand & Creative and part of the editorial team behind VisitCopenhagen.

Here we are at last, the first real summer month, although May has exceeded all expectations. June is reserved for swimming in the harbour, bike rides in the city, delicious ice cream cones and, as always, good food. Luckily, we're in Copenhagen, the best city to experience all these things. So let's get started with this month's 5 recommendations!

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen


Depanneur is many things, and a very special concept in Copenhagen. Depanneur is the local grocery store, bar, cafe, small eatery and a hang-out spot for locals. Whether you just need a quick coffee or want to stay a little longer and grab a bite to eat, they've got you covered. Depanneur, by the way, is the word used for a grocery store in Quebec Canada and aims to be there when you need it.

The first harbour swim

The first dip in the harbour is always a bit scary, but I haven't been in since last summer and I'm not quite sure how cold the water really is. But I think you're pretty safe in June, the water may still be on the cold side, but the weather is warm.

Ice cream
Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

The great Copenhagen ice cream guide

It's finally that time of year again where I can share one of my favourite guides; the great Copenhagen ice cream guide! Because what goes better with warm weather and swimming in the harbour than a cold and refreshing ice cream? There are quite a few different places to choose from when it comes to good ice cream in Copenhagen, no matter what neighbourhood you're in, there's a good ice cream parlour. One place I never miss visiting in the summer is Ismageriet on Amager. They are always good at experimenting with different flavours and combinations.

Classic american diner with a twist

Palazzo Diner is a brand new restaurant in Copenhagen that is heavily inspired by classic American diners, with all the amenities like delicious burgers, coffee refills, Bloody Marys and of course their all-day breakfeast every Sunday.  You'll feel like you're in the middle of a Hollywood film.

Photo: Evald Munksgaard Hansen

25 years of street parties in Copenhagen

This year marks the anniversary of one of Copenhagen's biggest parties. Distortion has been bringing life and celebration to the streets of Copenhagen every summer for 25 years now. However, the festival has changed a lot over the past 25 years, with the party moving further away from the streets and more into specific areas. The Vesterbro street party is still here, though, in classic Distortion style as it has always been. The street party mentality is also still there in all the events you can experience during Distortion week.


Written by Kasper Syhler
Editor at VisitCopenhagen

Do you know the feeling that you just need to treat yourself? Treat yourself with good food, a little glass and a little nourishment for both body and mind. If you feel this way, all you need to do is set yourself up for victory. Here are five things that can help satiate your lust for life. Here we go!


The taste of the mediterranean in Jærgersborggade

First of all, we need something to eat. Topical is a relatively new place that has opened in Relæs' old premises. Topical describes their food as: "Modern Mediterranean", "Simple cuisine based on great ideas" and "the highest quality of vegetables, herbs and proteins"... Stop, stop, stop! That's more than enough for me. I'm already on my way. The fact that they also make their own limoncello and promise a warm, relaxed atmosphere doesn't make the decision-making process of booking a table any more complicated.

Copenhagen Contemporary
Photo: Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Yes, It Moves!

And then on to art. It will be a stop at Copenhagen Contemporary from around May 12 and from then onward, because that's where the new exhibition Yet, it Moves! is running. The exhibition is described as a spectacular meeting between art and science and is an investigation of the universe's only constant; movement.

Amager Strandpark
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Early mornings on the water

There's something about early mornings and calm water that just brings acute happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, the plan is to let the alarm clock wake me up early and take a trip to Amager Strandpark before work calls. It will probably be a trip on SUP, but can just as well be a stroll along the beach. If you're into SUP or maybe even kayaking, the Kayak Hotel has your back. They have everything you need, and you can book it in advance so you don't miss out.

Photo: William Himmelstrup

Wine from friendly farmers

Volatil is located on Sdr. Boulevard. A grape shop, as they call themselves, but it is actually bottled wine that is sold over the counter, just to be clear. The range is wide, delicious and carefully selected. Volatil imports some of the wines itself from small, friendly winegrowers, and you are guaranteed to get a few words about the origin of the wine.

Photo: Wonderful Copenhagen

Door handels and sockets in Vega

The last recommendation is to take a stroll around the VEGA venue for a musical and architectural experience. I have been to VEGA many times, and of course it has always been the music that has drawn me in. But I've also always really liked the beautiful wooden panels. The architect Vilhelm Lauritzen designed VEGA, the old Folkets Hus, and he didn't stop at the big lines. Vilhelm was very much involved in every detail, from the aforementioned wooden panels to door handles and sockets.


Written by Andrea

SoMe Editor at VisitCopenhagen

Spring has officially arrived, but the weather tells a different story, ranging from blizzard to sunshine. In April, my calendar is filled with both plans and backup plans, and I hope I can inspire you to brave the weather and experience a diverse Copenhagen that offers everything from outdoor dining and walks for the sunny days to indoor cosiness and newly opened exhibitions for the wet ones. Let's get going!

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Viva la (food) Revolution!

A new gastronomic revolution is sweeping Copenhagen, with several of Copenhagen's most talented chefs opening restaurants based on the techniques and traditions of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine. I'm a regular at the popular Slurp Ramen in Nansensgade, where the ramen king of them all, former noma chef Philipp Inreiter, rules with a firm hand and tonnes of experience. But slurping up delicious ramen isn't the only Asian must-eat in 2023. The relatively newly opened Kappo Andō, Et Cetera, Gaijin, Goldfinch and Juju are all high on my list.


Photo: Jason Wierzbicki

A dose of art, please

The art world awakens in spring as the trees sprout new green leaves. I extend my encounter with Japan and trudge towards the historic cultural centre of Copenhagen, Kunsthal GL STRAND, where Japanese artist Tabaimo exhibits his hand-drawn animations inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, ukiyo-e, manga and anime. But that's far from the only exhibition you can look forward to this spring. Cisternerne has just opened an exhibition by Korean artist Kimsooja, and the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) has opened a major new exhibition by artist Carl Bloch.

Photo: Jacob Lisbygd

Go on a fishing trip

Am I the only one who hasn't let go of the fishing rod after the lockdown? What started as a mere pastime has evolved into a competitive occupation. I love the early morning hours in Nordhavn, where I stand and blend in (not) between the elite fishermen along the quay and get help when my fishing line gets stuck. If you don't have the equipment but would still like to try your hand at fishing, hot coffee on the thermos and cold cheeks, you can borrow the gear off the street at Jans Lystfiskershop in Østerbro.

Photo: Mellanie Gandø

So Danish!

So Danish! is the first permanent exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC). The exhibition tells the story of Danish architecture from the Viking Age to the present day, focusing on both the iconic masterpieces and the lesser-known buildings that have helped shape the Denmark we know today. As an added layer, you can also gain insight into how a new generation of architects intends to contribute to Denmark today and the sustainable society of the future.


Written by Julie, Clara, Andrea, Frederik and Kasper

The editorial team behind VisitCopenhagen.

This is issue 50 of our newsletter. We want to celebrate this by having the entire editorial team of Copenhagen Unfolded each come up with a few things to experience in March. So to all of you from Clara, Julie, Andrea, Frederik and Kasper, here's our March and maybe yours too.


The boat that is a circus wagon - Frederik

You can never have too many coffee shops on your list, and I'm personally happy that there's another great place to get your morning coffee. Båden is a brand new café and coffee bar in Christianshavn. It's not actually a boat but an old circus wagon, but it's right on the harbour edge, and maybe a circus wagon is just a boat that hasn't learned to float yet. Whatever the café chooses to identify itself as, you can expect coziness on a whole new level and, of course, great coffee.

A tribute to strong women - Julie

March 8th is International Women's Day. This year, I want to pay tribute to and admire the world's strong women by seeing an exhibition starring some really tough women. The M/S Maritime Museum is currently hosting the special exhibition "HAENYEO - Women of the Sea", which tells the story of the female free-divers on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea through photos, films and objects.

A trip to the Cantonese kitchen - Kasper

Sometimes you just want something specific, and after I was lucky enough to chat briefly with Will King-Smith, the man behind Goldfinch, which opened in December 2022, I've just been craving some top-shelf Cantonese food. So in March, I'll be stuffing my face with dumplings, bao, Dan Dan Noodles and all sorts of other delicious things, and I've seen that they have a rather tempting cocktail menu. You can find me at the high chairs by the kitchen counter!

Architectural trip along the Copenhagen harbour - Andrea

How far along is the development of the North Harbour? Does Refshaleøens temporary contract affect what the architecture looks like out there? And what should you look out for when cycling along the 42 kilometres of Copenhagen's harbour quay? This month I plan to get to know the architectural innovations along the harbour, and I have handpicked a few addresses and made a map that you are welcome to use as inspiration. Have an architectural tour!

Light art underground - Clara

One exhibition I'm particularly looking forward to visiting in March is the light installation Weaving the Light, which opens on March 26 in the underground art gallery Cisternerne, hidden beneath Søndermarkens ground in Frederiksberg. The exhibition transforms the former water reservoir into an illusory space, where light fills in the dark chambers and creates a unique sea of light. The exhibition was created by South Korean contemporary artist Kimsooja and is an official part of the Capital of Architecture 2023 programme.


Written by Julie Horn

Student assistant and part of the editorial team behind VisitCopenhagen.

February. The last month of the winter season, and the last month before we transition to, hopefully, more sun and less rain and wind. But before we give in completely to the temptations of spring, we have five recommendations for what not to miss in February. There's something for the culture vultures, the pastry lovers, and those who like to squeeze in a glass of wine.

Fastelavnsbolle Perron
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Fastelavnsboller for everyone

In Denmark, we celebrate Fastelavn in February, which is (sort of) the Danish equivalent of Halloween. As the pastry-loving nation we are, we have a traditional pastry for this festive occasion. It's no secret that Copenhagen has some of the most talented players in the Fastelavnsbolle game. Bakeries of all sizes have been coming up with their own creative interpretations of the popular pastry. Over the past few years there's been a fierce competition to create the best Fastelavnsbolle of the year. Are you up for finding your personal favourite? Check out our bakery guide for some of Copenhagen's best bakeries.

Photo: Mellanie Gandøe

Play & Learn

Are you tired of dusty old museums where you are not allowed to express your curiosity by touching, or feeling? Fortunately, Experimentarium has a solution. Here it is all about touching, fiddling and playing your way to knowledge. The more curious you are, the better. Right now, Experimentarium has a special exhibition called The Science Behind Pixar, where you can delve into the science behind Pixar's popular and groundbreaking animated films, including Toy Story and Find Nemo.

Wine bar
Photo: Julie Horn

Wine with a view, please

What better way to unwind after a long day than with a good glass of wine? And even better a good glass of wine and a beautiful view of the charming canals of Copenhagen? Klase Vinbar is located in the neighbourhood of Sydhavnen (The New South Habour) and has the beautiful location on the first parquet of the Copenhagen canal. The people behind Klase Vinbar have a strong passion for wine and offer a wide range of wines from Spain, France and Italy. Check out our guide to find some other of Copenhagen's loveliest wine bars.

A unique digital sensory experience at ARKEN

February is the month of great cultural experiences, and many museums are opening their doors to new exhibitions this month. One exhibition I'm particularly looking forward to is Refik Anadols: Nature Dreams at ARKEN, just south of Copenhagen. The exhibition is based on the internet and social media's representation of nature, which influences our common idea of what nature is and what nature looks like The exhibition will be open from 10 February to 27 August 2023. Use our guide to get inspired for your next museum experience.

Dynamic light installations in the Copenhagen nights

The Copenhagen Light Festival takes place in February and brightens up our otherwise dark days as the winter is getting to an end. This year the festival consists of 35 light installations, and if you want to be part of the light exhibition itself in an even more emerging way, you can take part in the DAC Architecture Run on 17 February. You will be given an LED necklace to wear during the race, and you will thereby be participating in a kind of dynamic light installation that moves through Copenhagen. Read more about the Copenhagen Light festival here.


Written by Frederik Legind Ibsing
Student assistant in Brand & Creative and part of the editorial team behind VisitCopenhagen.

The hectic and let's be honest chaotic December is past us, and we look towards a brand new year. January is a month for resetting to wash away the old year and get both body and mind ready for the next 12 months. In Denmark, we have something we call "White January" where you treat yourself by eating healthy and taking a month's break from alcohol, which can be nice after a month of Christmas food. So let's explore what a White January can look like in Copenhagen. 


Popular bakery right by the harbour

The popular Hart bakery opened a new location on Holmen in 2021 called Hart Brød+Bar. Half bakery, half wine bar with delicious organic wine. You can enjoy delicious bread and sweet cakes during the day, as you know from the bakery on Gl. Kongevej. While in the evening you can have a glass of organic wine with sourdough bread and a selection of cheeses, meat and fish. On the occasion of our white January, I'm thinking of abstaining from the wine but enjoying the baked goods and the view over to Amalienborg Palace.

Treat yourself like a Scandinavian

There is no better start to the new year than washing away the old year. And why not do it in an outdoor bath with 40-degree hot water, under the open sky, heated with wood in proper Scandinavian style? All this can be experienced at CopenHot out on Refshaleøen, where in the winter season they collaborate with the Mikkeller brewery, and is located right outside the Baghaven bar. In addition to their outdoor baths, they also have saunas and ice baths if it gets too hot. I imagine sitting in one of the outdoor baths, on a cold January evening in snowy weather.

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Find peace in scenic surroundings

Not more than a 20-minute train ride north from Copenhagen lies The Deer Park. The beautiful nature park is the perfect place for peace and contemplation. It is full of forest areas, small lakes, open plains and as the name suggests a lot of animals, in fact over 2000 wild deer that you are almost guaranteed to come across there. I don't know any better way to relax than a long walk in nature and breathing in some fresh air.

Vegan dinner at Bistro Lupa

Part of a white January is also to take a step away from the fatty and meaty Christmas food, and give the body some breathing room with some healthy food, for example, vegetarian or vegan. Here, Bistro Lupa is a really good offer, which is one of the many vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Copenhagen. Bistro Lupa makes plant-based food using only local ingredients, they even have their own fungus farm. I'm thinking of trying their "Southern-fried oyster hat" which is a delicious plant-based alternative to fried chicken.

Get a different perspective of the city

With the start of a new year, it can be nice to have a good overview of things, and why not do it quite literally at the City Hall Tower at Copenhagen City Hall? Here you get well above the rooftops and get a good view of the city. It is always exciting to see one's surroundings from a different angle, and will definitely give rise to reflection.

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