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København Langebro

Editors' Choice - 5 things to experience in March 2022

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Written by Anders Nørland

Student assistant in brand & creative, and part of the editorial team behind visitcopenhagen. In the monthly edition of Editor's choice, we share our personal tips and ideas on how to experience the city.

In Editor's Choice, the different editors of Visitcopenhagen take turns in recommending 5 places on their personal bucket list for the coming month. Published once a month, Editor's Choice is a great chance to get an insight into how the local Copenhageners use the city.

March in Copenhagen can be chilly but as the days get longer and the temperature rises, the spring spirit slowly begins to spread. And while the weather may not be quite what we'd like it to be just yet, the city is luckily as cool to explore as always. Copenhagen is packed with hidden gems, fun activities, exciting culture, delicious eateries, and cozy bars. Here are some of the things on our personal bucket list for March.


Enjoy a cup of coffee at Darcy's Kaffe in Nørrebro

Darcy's Kaffe is located on Ranzausgade in Nørrebro and has been around for a couple of years. If you're (like myself) a self-proclaimed coffee snob and haven't paid this coffeeshop a visit yet, then now is the time. The coffee at Darcy's is brewed on beans from Coffee Collective, April, and La Cabra, and has been chosen as one of the best coffeeshops in the city several times. Apart from great coffee, they also serve small dishes and a variety of delicious pastries.

Visit the Gaugin exhibition in Ordrupgaard Museum

The weather in March is often both cold and wet, and only a few activities are more appropriate in such weather than a visit to an art museum. Ordrupgaard Museum in the north of Copenhagen, currently has a special exhibition of the works of expressionist painter, Paul Gaugin. Many of the works have never been shown in Denmark before, so this spring is a great time to pay Ordrupgaard a visit. In addition to the Gaugin exhibition, the museum also offers impressive architecture, contemporary art, and Danish design.

Join the morning cinema at Grand Theatre

A must-do on my bucket list for this month is to go to one of the morning shows at the Grand Theatre cinema. Every morning there are morning shows in the historic and cozy cinema in the city center. You can usually choose between 2-3 different movies and the ticket costs only 70 kroner and includes a hot cup of coffee or tea. If you start your day off by going to the movies, while sipping on hot coffee, it will certainly turn out to be a good day.

Participate in one of the many pub quizzes around the city

There's nothing like stepping into one of the city's cozy bars after a long day and having a well-deserved cold beer. And why just sit around when there are actually several bars in the city that regularly host fun quiz nights you can join? One of these places is Søhesten, which organizes a pub quiz every Tuesday. If you fancy a pub quiz on any other day of the week, you can also regularly find pub quizzes at fx Absalon or Studenterhuset.

Eat a(nother) fried chicken sandwich at Poulette

It only takes one visit to Poulette to get you hooked on the ultra-crispy, spicy, and juicy fried chicken sandwiches. After a visit to the cozy little joint in January, their sandwiches have been stuck in my head and I've been unable to stop thinking about them. Therefore, the last thing on my bucket list for March must be to, once again, eat one of the amazing sandwiches. In addition to fried chicken, Poulette also offers fried mapo tofu as a vegetarian alternative and crispy spicy fries with mapo mayo on the side.

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