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Editor's choice: Our 5 picks for January in Copenhagen

By Asger Jensen,

Editor of VisitCopenhagen and part of the editorial staff who each month share their personal tips to Copenhagen.

Considering Copenhagen in January? If so, here are some of our personal ideas for things to see, do, eat and drink in this winter month calling for some indoor hygge at your favourite café, comforting drinks perfect to cope with the cold weather and a bit of cultural experiences to spice up your holiday. 

Han Kjøbenhavn | Pr Photo

January sale: The perfect occasion for some Danish design shopping

A major upside to the cold month of January is the same thing that'll help you cope with your post-Christmas blues: Sale! More or less an annual tradition of mine, I release my inner bargain hunter into the the best shopping streets in Copenhagen. If you want to bring back some souvenirs in the shape of Danish design items, this guide is for you.

Leonard Cohen exhibition at Kunstforeningen Gl Strand contemporary art museum in Copenhagen

Leonard Cohen exhibition: A Crack in Everything

As a musician and creative soul, the Canadian singer-songwriter and poet inspired generations of artists. This exhibition is on display at two of my favourite art spaces in the city centre; Kunsforeningen Gl Strand and Nikolaj Kunsthal until 13 April 2020 and has received top reviews. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get close to a musical and poetic genious.

Where to eat in Copenhagen? Donda serves some of the best seafood in town.

Try out the new restaurant in a historic neighbourhood

Donda is a new kid on the block on Copenhagen’s constantly buzzing restaurant scene. After hearing a lot of good things about their Latina American grilled seafood and exotic cocktails, I can’t wait to go. It’s located in the heart of the maritime and historic Christianshavn area, which you should go discover under all circumstances.

Lidkoeb Cocktail bar | PR Photo

Find a neighbourhood watering hole

Lidkoeb in Vesterbro is a personal favourite of mine. And it's ideal if you're looking for that hidden gem. In this case tucked away in a cozy backyard a few steps from the buzzing main street. Another top pick when it comes local bars, is Gensyn. Meet the owner below or check our guide to Copenhagen's best cocktail bars for more places to wet your whistle. 

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