The Hermitage Castle in The Deer Park | Daniel Rasmussen

Editor's choice: Copenhagen in November

By Annika Løbnitz Skjoldborg,

Digital Marketing Assistant and part of the editorial staff who each month share their personal tips to Copenhagen.

Are you thinking about visiting Copenhagen in November? You should be. It’s a wonderful eclectic month in the city. You can spot crazy Copenhageners sitting outside the sidewalk cafes, clinging onto summer under blankets and heating lamps, while the Christmas markets mark the transition into winter as they start to open all over town - filling the streets with twinkling lights and hygge. 

In case you are wondering what to do in Copenhagen in November I've listed five things you should check out:

Amager Bakke | Giuseppe Liverino

Get active at Copenhill

Copenhagens new landmark has already had loads of coverage, but we won’t be able to shut up about it for a while. If you haven’t heard the news I’m here to fill you in. Since October it’s been possible to go skiing in Copenhagen. That’s right. We've gotten our very own innovative urban mountain built on top of a waste-to-energy power plant. If you’re not a skier you can also go running, walking or climbing. Copenhiill doubles as a publicly accessible recreational area with a cafe and restaurant. Spoiler alert: the view from up top is the best in Copenhagen.

Hubertus Hunt

Travel back in time at the Hubertus Hunt

One of the best places to watch the seasons change is in the Deer Park; a UNESCO heritage site in Greater Copenhagen. On November 3rd you can spice up your visit by experiencing the annual Hubertus Hunt - an 11 kilometer historic horseback race with 32 obstacles. The Hubertus Hunt has been happening since 1900, and with the 100 horseback riders dressed in their red uniforms and the Crown Princess of Denmark handing over the prize to the winner, it’s quite an extraordinary event.

Il Buco candlelight | Daniel Rasmussen

Enjoy a candle-lit dinner

There’s no denying it, November is one of the best months for hygge. You know, that special feeling the Danes have become famous for. Two of the best elements to create hygge is candles and food, so we’ve put together a list of 8 perfect spots for candlelit dinners where you can let the hygge flow. I couldn’t think of a better activity for a dark November night.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

Visit a special Picasso exhibition

Everyone always talks about Louisiana and its recognition is well deserved for sure. But not to be overlooked is the beautiful, architectural ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. Right now their new exhibition Beloved by Picasso steals the spotlight, featuring 51 of Pablo Picasso’s works of art including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints. Reviewers say that it's quite spectacular. I'm definitely going.  

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