SUP by the Opera | Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Activities: Things to do in Copenhagen

Visiting with kids or not, young or old, alternative or into the classics. Don't worry - this guide on things to do got you covered.

Day trips from Copenhagen | Dragør

Go beyond the city limit

With everything from stunning nature to world-famous castles - and even a different country - just a short train ride or drive away, the reasons to go beyond Copenhagen are many. 

Playground | Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen with kids

In Copenhagen, we love kids! And kids usually love Copenhagen. Plenty of space, playgrounds and children-friendly attractions set the scene for a good time in the city for kids of all ages.

Editor's choice: 5 tips for this month

See which five carefully selected tips our editorial team has for this month in Copenhagen.

8 House | Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Copenhagen's architectural masterpieces

Bold urban planning and world-class architecture is shooting up alongside Copenhagen's old historic buildings and palaces. Here are the must-sees.

Forgotten giants | Photo: Martin Heiberg

Find the six hidden giants

Enjoy nature in areas close to Copenhagen and find the six giants made from recycled wood by artist Thomas Dambo. 

Cykelslangen | Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Bike city Copenhagen

Copenhagen has one of the world's most dedicated bike cultures. In fact, the city has more bicycles than people. Experience the city like a local.

Top attractions & tours

Top attractions & tours

Most of Copenhagen's major attractions are within walking distance. Here you will find a guide to the most visited ones in and around Copenhagen.

Let's Run Copenhagen

Copenhagen in 24 hours

Explore Copenhagen in 24 hours

Are you only spending one day in Copenhagen? The city has lots to offer and we have selected some of our favourite places you can explore in 24 hours.

Rosenborg Castle | Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Go on sightseeing in Copenhagen's history

The streets of Copenhagen are filled with fascinating history. From the early Vikings to the modern-day princes and princesses. 

Areas of


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