CopenPay - Øens Have

24 attractions rewarding your climate-friendly actions

Explore some of the wonders of Copenhagen and find out where and how you can contribute and collect everything from a Copenhagen ice cream to a free bike rental.

Scroll through the list below to learn about the attractions and how they reward your efforts.

CopenPay launches on July 15 and runs until August 11.

Delicious climate-actions

CopenPay - Øens Have
Copenpay - Kanalhuset
Photo: Kanalhuset


Arrive by bike or on foot and take a dip in the canal – then sing and savour a free coffee

Calling all around Copenhagen who like to bike, sing and swim in the canal! 

We invite you to start your day with us at Kanalhuset where we start off by jumping in the canal, then we sing a song and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. The only thing you need to do is to arrive by bike or on foot.  

Dates: July 23rd + July 30th
Time: 8.00 AM - 8.45 AM 
Meeting point: Havnegade 46

Save your spot here 

Copenpay - Øens Have
Photo: Lukas Bukoven

Øens Have

Get a free vegetarian lunch by volunteering in the urban garden Øens Have.

Help out in the urban garden every Tuesday from 10am at Northern Europe's largest urban organic garden.

Engage in urban farming tasks like sowing, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, and composting. No experience needed, just a willingness to get your hands dirty and meet new people.

Join for any duration between 10 am and 5 pm. At 1pm, enjoy a free vegetarian lunch with the team. Secure your spot in advance: 

Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32

Minimum age: 12 years

Copenpay - Absalon
Photo: Absalon


Arrive by foot, bike, or public transport and join the locals for a reduced-price collective breakfast.

You are invited to a social breakfast in Absalon on Fridays in weeks 29-32 at 9:30 am.

Join us for homemade food and hang out with locals and other travellers in colourful surroundings while getting tips on the city. Your host will be there to welcome you to the house.

Our community house is a hub of activity, bringing people together daily for a wide range of shared experiences, such as community dinners, games, yoga, ping-pong, dancing, drawing, drinks, and more!

Reserve your spot for the social breakfast offer here. 

Level Six - Rooftop Bar & Terrace

Arrive by bike or public transport and get free cold drink 

Level Six rewards visitors who arrive by bike or public transport with a refreshing glass of wine, tap beer or soda on the sunny terrasse overlooking Nørreport Station and the cityscape of Copenhagen. 

To claim this offer, visitors simply need to show a photo of their bike or public transport ticket to the bar staff. From July 15 to August 11, the offer is valid every day from 12.00-16.00. 

Copenpay - Banegaarden
Photo: Peter Vari


Collect trash in the BaneGaarden area and earn a free organic meal 

BaneGaarden, Copenhagen's latest green food and culture stop, offers a homemade organic dish from its food stalls in exchange for a bag of collected trash in the local hood.  

During week 29, 30, 31 and 32 from Mon- to Wednesday bw. 12-6pm, everyone can join the cleanup initiative and help protect Danish nature.  

Get a bag for collecting trash and a cool map of the area to enjoy the local attractions at the same time. Your work is rewarded with a delicious free organic meal.  

Save your spot by signing up here 

Copenpay - Langelinieskuret
Photo: Langelinieskuret


Arrive on foot or by bike and get rewarded with a glass of rosé and free rental of pétanque balls 
Skurets Vinsalg at Langelinieskuret on Langelinie offers all guests arriving on foot or by bike one glass of rosé on the house as well as free rental of pétanque balls for the public pétanque lanes on the upstairs rooftop promenade.

Enjoy your merited rosé at Skurets Vinsalg’s during opening hours Wednes- Saturdays bw. 11am-6pm and pick up the pétanque balls (a deposit is mandatory) for a wonderful game of pétanque on Langelinieskuret’s scenic rooftop. (Please note that the pétanque lanes cannot be reserved. First come, first served.) 

Urban exploration

CopenPay - CopenHill
Copenpay - Copenhill
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen


Arrive by bike or public transport and get extra skiing time for free

CopenHill rewards visitors who arrive by bike or public transport with 20 minutes of extra skiing time on the waste-to-energy plant’s unique ski slope.  To claim this offer, visitors simply need to show a photo of their bike or public transport ticket to the lift staff. Rental of equipment, and purchase of even more ski time, is available in the on-site shop. 

For non-skiers, the elevator ride to the top, a beautiful hiking trail and breathtaking views from CopenHill’s rooftop café come at no charge.  


Copenpay - GreenKayak
Photo: Emma Bahnee


Help keep the harbour clean in a kayak and borrow the kayak for free.

GreenKayak is an environmental non-profit organisation working to reduce garbage in our coastal waters. As part of the CopenPay initiative, you are invited to help keep the harbour clean.

The model is simple: paddle a kayak for free under two conditions:

  1. Collect waste while on the water.
  2. Share your experience on social media using #Copenpay and #GreenKayak.

Book your kayak here 

Copenpay - Copenhagen Surf School
Photo: Copenhagen Surf School

Copenhagen Surf School

Take a surfing class and do a beach clean up, and get a free lunch at Copenhagen Surf School

Come master the power of the wind in the great lagoons of Amager Beachpark.  Before or after attending a windsurfing course, have a go at 30 minutes of beach cleaning together with a self-guide by ‘Os Om Havet’.  

Once your green action and 2,5-hour windsurfing course is completed, you’ll get a complimentary panini and drink of your choice at our surf café. 

The offer is valid from 15 July until 11 August 2024

Copenpay - Donkey Republic
Photo: Donkey Republic

Donkey Republic

Pledge to green actions and get a 45-minute FREE Donkey bike ride   

Donkey Republic is the largest bike rental company in Copenhagen. They believe that #EveryRideCounts, and contributes to a cleaner, greener, and happier city.

As part of the CopenPay initiative, you can get a 45-minute FREE Donkey ride in return for your pledge to sustainable behavior while visiting – and go explore Copenhagen in the most Danish, fun, and sustainable way: on two wheels.

Simply click on this link and follow the instructions.

The code is valid from 15/07/2024 to 15/09/2024, single-use per rider.

See you in the saddle!

Copenpay - Goboat
Photo: GoBoat Copenhagen

GoBoat Copenhagen

Bike, walk or use the metro and help clean the city’s waterways on a free 1-hour boat cruise 

Kickstart your morning in Copenhagen with a delightful sail through the harbour with GoBoat. Hop on a bike, take the metro, or enjoy a leisurely walk to GoBoat at Islands Brygge for a free social 1-hour cruise. As you soak in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy great company, you'll also help keep our waterways clean with fishing nets provided free of charge. 

Join us at 9:30AM on 16/7, 18/7, 23/7, 25/7, 30/7, 1/8, 6/8 & 8/8. 

Limited spots available! So sign up here in advance   

Copenpay - Sparta
Photo: Sparta


Plogging for free coffee and pastries - help keep Copenhagen's largest park free of litter 

Join Sparta Athletics & Running, the organizer of Copenhagen Marathon & CPH Half Marathon, as we maintain the city's largest park, Fælledparken, free of litter every Monday bw. 10-10:45AM.   

Participate in plogging, a blend of exercise and environmental stewardship. We'll provide the pliers, bags, and gloves needed.

As a token of appreciation for your green efforts, we offer free coffee and a Danish pastry.

Meeting location: Sparta Atletik & Løb, Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11, 2100 Copenhagen.

Copenpay - Kayak Bar
Photo: Kayak Bar

Kayak Bar

Arrive by bike or Metro to Kayak Bar between 8:30 to 10:00 and get a fresh cup of filter coffee for free 

If you have travelled to Kayak Bar by bike or Metro and rented a kayak at Kayak Republic bw. Mon- and Friday, then we’d like to reward your green action with a free cup of filter coffee before or after your kayak tour.   

Located in historic canal side settings, under the iconic Knippelsbro in inner Copenhagen, Kayak Bar is not only a super cozy dockside restaurant, bar and music venue for people of all ages and backgrounds – but also the perfect place to start exploring Copenhagen’s cool and clean harbour from the water! 

Copenpay - Go running tours
Photo: Lukas Bukoven

Go Running Tours

Join an eco-conscious group run to explore eco-friendly and iconic city highlights 

Discover Copenhagen on a 5km Sustainability Running Tour. The run takes you through eco-friendly highlights, including along the harbour area, where innovative architecture and design intermingles with the old city. 

Our local guide will share insights on how sustainability is a way of living for the locals and show you the unique blend of urban and green living in historic Copenhagen. 

Tuesdays in week 29, 30, 31 & 32 
Price: 20 Euros pr. person

Sign up for the run here 

Copenpay - Hey Captain
Photo: Hey Captain

Hey Captain

Share your thoughts on how to create a greener future 

Hey Captain is known for its dialogue-based boat tours through Copenhagen’s pristine waterways. During this particular voyage, our captains will lead engaging conversations about sustainability. Discuss the many ways society can become more sustainable and practical steps everyone can take to contribute to a greener future. We''ll start the conversation, but where it goes is up to you.

The price of this tour is 400 DKK per person. To join this special tour you need to book the 2 hour hidden gem tour departing at 1400 every day in weeks 29-32, as this is a special tour with this theme. Reserve a seat online here 

Copenpay - Cycling Copenhagen
Photo: Cycling Copenhagen

Cycling Copenhagen

Go on a bike for a guided green tour of Copenhagen and experience the City of Cyclists. 

Go on a guided sustainable hop-on/hop-off bicycle tour of the city with Cycling Copenhagen. Get the main sights and visit cool neighborhoods. Experience the capital’s bicycle-friendly infrastructure and learn more on its CO2-friendly initiatives. Cycling Copenhagen are experts on local life and the ride will be your chance to feel like a Copenhagener for a few hours.  

They offer 15% discount on all bike tours for participants of CopenPay. Simply have to use the discount code COPENPAY when booking a bike tour. This is valid for all our tours the entire summer. However, we also offer the custommade Copenhay x Cycling Copenhagen tour. This is on Sundays, starting the 21st of July. This tour can be booked directly on the link:

We offer a weekly tour, and you can join the entire route, join at designated stops along the route, or simply hop-off and join the next group passing an hour later. All info can be found on our website. 

Simply book your CopenPay bike tour on this link:

Stromma - Hygge
Photo: PR - Stromma


Arrive by public transportation or bike and get a free eco-friendly canal tour

Stromma Danmark rewards visitors arriving by public transportation or bike with a 65-minute boat tour in our electric boat, Hygge. The Skipper will tell you about Stromma’s sustainability initiatives, such as our fish hotels, sea bins, and goals for the future, as you sail by Copenhagen’s iconic sights and hidden gems.

The offer is valid from weeks 29 through 32 on the departure at 10:15 from Ved Stranden.

Only bookable online by using promo code COPENPAY2024

Cultural experiences

CopenPay - SMK
Copenpay - National Museum
Photo: Joakim Züger

The National Museum

Bike or use public transport and get a free ice cream when purchasing your entry ticket.

Visiting the National Museum? Then show your public transport ticket or a picture of you and your bike at the museum to get a free 'Denmark' ice cream. Made from local rhubarb, strawberry, and licorice, this ice cream is a true symbol of Danish summer, crafted by Hansen Is with a focus on sustainability and quality.

Explore Danish history, from the Viking Age to the welfare state's development, and discover how past prophecies might inform our lives today.


SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark

Bring plastic waste to the National Gallery of Denmark and turn it into artistic memories at a workshop

SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark, invites you to combine environmental consciousness with creativity. Bring your plastic garbage to the gallery's workshop and turn it into an artistic memory of Copenhagen.

Skilled artists will provide all the tools needed and help you repurpose plastic into a plastic jellyfish. The workshop, held in the children's area, is open to all ages after purchasing entry to the museum.

Join us Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am-4pm, from 16 July to 11 August. 

Copenpay - Karen Blixen Museum
Photo: Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum

Help tend the historic garden at the Karen Blixen Museum and get free admission.

In the spirit of world-famous Danish author and storyteller Karen Blixen, guests are invited to join a cosy community and help tend selected areas in the beautiful historic garden at Karen Blixen Museum. 

The gardening experience takes place every Wednesday at 1 pm – 2 pm in week 29-32. Once done, your reward is free admission to the authentic home of Karen Blixen including the current exhibition “Babette – The Art of Fine Dining”. 

Book your free ticket online

Copenpay - Cisternerne
Photo: Taryn Simon


Arrive on foot or by bike and get a free introduction to Cisternerne

Cisternerne, an underground art hall in the former water reservoirs for Copenhagen, offers you a free introduction to this year’s exhibition if you choose to arrive on foot or by bike. 

Learn more about ‘Start Again the Lament’, a captivating sound installation by renowned artist Taryn Simon, and our hidden gem beneath the city. The introductions are scheduled for Tuesdays at 3PM and Fridays at 2PM and are held in the beautiful Søndermarken park, right by the venue’s entrance.  

Afterwards, feel free to purchase tickets to explore Cisternerne and the exhibition further.

Copenpay - Frilandsmuseet
Photo: Frilandsmuseet


Grab a bike or use public transportation and get a cup of eco-friendly coffee in return

Show your public transportation ticket or a picture of your bike at the entrance of Frilandsmuseet and get an eco-friendly caffeine boost as a reward. 

This place is all about journeying back in time. To when people lived in closer harmony with nature. Visit houses and farms carefully selected across Denmark and moved brick by brick and beam by beam. Rebuilt and preserved to conserve Danish farm architecture and traditions for future generations, so we can learn from the past. 

Copenpay - Enigma
Photo: Nana Reimers


Get a discount on your ENIGMA entry ticket if you arrive by bike or metro 

Jump on a bike or the metro to visit ENIGMA, Copenhagen’s cool Museum of Communication, and get a discount on your entry ticket (Copenpay price: 129 DKK). The offer applies on Tues- to Fridays bw. 10-12am in week 29-32. Show your metro ticket or let us know that you’re bicycling to claim a green discount.  

Set in the stately old post office on Østerbro, ENIGMA focuses on 400 Years of Communication and Postal History. It offers three exhibition areas, a learning lab, a large children's area, and a top-rated café.  

Copenpay - MACA
Photo: MACA

MACA Museum

Less cups. More love. Bring your own washable cup and get a free barista coffee or tea

Millions of disposable single-use cups are used annually and end up in landfill. Let's help reduce that environmental burden a bit!

From week 29 to 32 MACA Museum visitors, who wish to explore our current BANKSY exhibition and who bring their own recyclable cup, will receive a free barista-created coffee (based on sustainably sourced coffee beans) or tea to enjoy before or after their visit.

Savour your treat in our courtyard cafe, and we’ll clean your cup before its next use too!

Copenpay - Museum of Copenhagen
Photo: Københavns Museum

Museum of Copenhagen

Get a free cup of coffee when you purchase an entry ticket to the Museum of Copenhagen, if you arrive on foot, by bike or metro.

So who are the Copenhageners and what kind of city is this? - Get wiser on all the most important places and events in Danish capital's history right here! 

To earn the coffee, simply take a photo of your green action and show it at the reception desk when purchasing your entrance ticket. Then use your coffee voucher on the same day in Café Spirrevippen, which is located in the Museum of Copenhage.

Many locals won't survive the day without a few cups of quality filter coffee and thus, a well-brewed cup of coffee is your reward too!  


How it works

Earn rewards at Copenhagen attractions ranging from a free lunch or a cup of coffee to a kayak tour or even a free entrance to a museum. All you need to do is, for instance, bike instead of drive, help maintain the city, work in an urban garden, or pledge to sustainable behaviour. Find the attractions and see how they reward your actions below.