GoBoat Copenhagen

Discover Copenhagen from the water as captain of your own solar-powered picnic boat in Copenhagen's harbour and canals. You can rent a sustainable boat at the GoBoat pavilion next to Islands Brygge harbour bath and embark on a unique maritime experience.

The boats are powered by solar energy, which is generated via the boat rental's photovoltaic roof at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. With a speed of three knots (approximately five-six km/h), the small blue boats move slowly and silently through the city's canals.

In contrast to faster motor boats, which often require a license and sailing experience, everyone can sail a GoBoat. The boats are easy to operate and do not require any certificate or prior experience with sailing.

You are captain of your own boat and have the freedom to sail - almost - wherever you want - without polluting. The experienced staff at GoBoat will of course guide you on what routes to take through the canals and harbour.

A social experience

Thought has been put into the boats, when it comes to the social aspect. The boats can accommodate up to eight people, and all the seats face a picnic table in the middle. Here you can enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner or something to drink, and no engine noise will interrupt your conversation.

You can order a picnic basket in advance from GoBoat, or bring your own. Wine can be purchased without ordering in advance. A limited amount of blankets are available, but remember to wear a good windbreaker and scarf. It can get chilly on the water, even on a warm summer evening.

In Copenhagen's harbour and canals it is custom to greet each other, when passing. So do not hesitate to wave as you pass other boats or strangers sitting on the dock.

Sustainable boats

The fleet is partly made from empty recycled plastic bottles, table tops on board is made of Norwegian, environmentally-friendly wood, and solar panels on the roof of the GoBoat pavilion provide power for up to 20 electric-powered boats.

The next generation of GoBoats will be made from 100% recycled fiber materials from Vestas wind turbines - as soon as the technology is fully developed.