Christmas in Copenhagen

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The merriest of times in the merriest of places. Copenhagen simply oozes Christmas spirit and "hygge" of course. Experience the exclusive atmosphere of Copenhagen Christmas, where traditional customs are mixed with plain fun and good times.

Warm and cosy or chilly and refreshing

There is nothing like stepping into a warm and cosy setting after a full day in the brisk December weather. Or the other way around. If you want to go all the way, you do like many of the local Copenhageners, and dip into the icy waters of the harbour. It's a special treat, that you will remember for a long time. On the contrary, if you're more into warm and relaxing experiences, going to one of the many spas in Copenhagen might be more up your alley, after a day at the ice rink.

It's a classic you can't miss out on

The Tivoli Gardens are something special all year round and worth a visit for young and old. But of course, Tivoli is going all in on bringing the fairytale Christmas atmosphere you would expect.

Experience the floating Santa Lucia parade in Copenhagen’s canals.

13 December, you can experience an alternative take on the traditional, Danish Santa Lucia parade, when kayaks sail through the canals dressed in lights and Christmas decorations.  

Fairytale castles and palaces

The history of Copenhagen is something that can't be denied and some of the most evident examples are the many castles and palaces scattered around the city and beyond city limits. You might just find the true historical holiday cheer here.

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Copenhagen is buzzing all year around

Whether you're looking for a vibrant summer vibe, colourful autumn, cosy winter or beautiful spring - Copenhagen is incredible no matter the time of year.

Frozen canal | Daniel Jensen


The Black Square in Superkilen Park in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.


Restaurant Undici in Christianshavn


Kunsthal Charlottenborg in autumn colours


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