New Nordic Michelin-starred dinner at noma in Copenhagen
Eat & drink

The big question: Where to eat and drink in Copenhagen?

Whether you are into bistros or Michelin-starred restaurants, you will find it in Copenhagen. The restaurant scene is among the world's most distinct and innovative, and it caters to all budgets, tastes and situations. On Copenhagen's menu is delicious food from all over the world and a strong focus on making exquisite meals from local ingredients in season. An approach started by noma and the New Nordic cuisine and a way of cooking that still makes Copenhagen's restaurants culinary trailblazers. 

Best smørrebrød and other traditional Danish food

A truly Danish food experience, you can get at lunch time in Copenhagen with the renowned smørrebrød (open faced sandwich). But at dinner you should treat yourself to some other Danish classic dishes too. They might claim less internatinal fame, but are loved by locals - for good reason.

Value for money restaurants

Looking for a quick snack or a quality meal that will not blow your budget? No worries, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. The bistros and value for money restaurants offer high quality and great settings.   Check out all of our restaurant guides for much more inspiration.

Great budget eats in Copenhagen

Long known as a culinary hotspot boasting Michelin stars , the world's best restaurant , and the New Nordic cuisine movement, Copenhagen is also a foodie-friendly destination for budget travellers. Let us guide you to some of the best places serving up great food for less than DKK 10...

Get familiar with Copenhagen's 16 Michelin-starred restaurants

Photo: Alison Vagnini

Eating out with kids or a special someone? These themed guides are for you.

Searching for an extra family-friendly restaurant, a romantic dinner spot or an extra nice waterside location serving up harbourfront views of the city? These guides got your back.

Family-friendly restaurants

Many of Copenhagen’s cafes and restaurants have special children's menus, and provide a special high chair for toddlers. Some places though, go out of their way to make children welcome.

8 waterfront restaurants in Copenhagen

When the sun is out, the Copenhageners are out. Luckily, the Copenhagen harbour has plenty of perfect places to soak up some sunshine while enjoying stunning waterfront views and delicious foods. Here are some of our favorites.

Let the hygge flow at these 8 perfect spots for candle-lit dinners

Copenhagen is packed to the brim with great gastronomy to satisfy almost every tastebud out there. But some places just go that extra mile to lay down a romantic vibe.

Taste the whole world or go local

On top of the open-faced sandwich "smørrebrød", and the New Nordic cuisine, Copenhagen is spoiled with an extensive range of restaurants from all over. Many chefs have come here to work at some of the city’s most prestigious restaurants and have later opened their own restaurants bringing local tastes and flavours to Copenhagen.

Best eateries by neighbourhood

The possibility of gaining unforgettable food experiences is one of the better reasons for you to explore more than just one neighborhood. Browse thro...

New Nordic restaurants

The New Nordic kitchen has gained international ground around the world. The New Nordic kitchen is characterized by its uniquely Nordic identity among...

The legendary tale of hotdogs in Denmark

By Hazel Evans Copenhagen-based food writer, founder of  Mad About Copenhagen  and one of our local contributors covering Copenhagen's culture, g...

Forget Rome, Copenhagen is fast becoming Scandinavia's Italian culinary metropolis

By Hazel Evans Copenhagen-based food writer, founder of   Mad About Copenhagen  and one of our local contributors covering Copenhagen's cultur...

It's not just about the food. Here's where to drink

The last decade’s gastronomic development has also drawn talent and quality to the city’s many bars and cafés, making Copenhagen an internationally acclaimed coffee and cocktail destination.

The best cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Traditionally, Danes have been famous for beer , but in recent years, a cocktail revolution has put Copenhagen on the map as a top-tier cocktail dest...

Wine bars in Copenhagen

Wine bars are a hit in Copenhagen, and new ones keep opening up their doors. Whether you are into the popular natural wines or the more classic ones...

Best beer bars

No matter where you find yourself in Copenhagen, you’re never far from a world-class beer bar to help you quench your thirst.

Best coffee bars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen runs on coffee! And scattered about town is some of the very best brewers in the world, serving up top notch specialty coffee for the Copen...