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The best cafes and coffee shops

Photo: Andrea Nuñez

Every holiday involves a break here and there. Why not combine it with a nice cup of coffee and maybe a sweet treat in a city that runs on high quality coffee (and hygge).

Best coffee bars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen runs on coffee! And scattered about town is some of the very best brewers in the world, serving up top notch specialty coffee for the Copenhageners. Coffee bars are where to meet your friends, work out of office or just enjoy the vibes or soak up a ray.

Top 10 cosy cafés in Copenhagen

Bring a good book and check out the many cafes around in Copenhagen, where you can both eat and drink. Going to a cafe is a great way to hang-out, relax and meet locals so go enjoy the atmosphere and a cup of coffee.

Where to go for breakfast and brunch

Whether you're an early riser or a sleep-in, there are plenty of spots to satisfy any morning craving here in Copenhagen.

The best bakeries and pastry shops

Long famous for our Danish pastry, the tradition of bakeries goes a long time back, but the last decades’ immense focus on gastronomy has sparked a new bread and pastry revolution in Copenhagen.

Cosy cafés and bars in Nørrebro

One thing you'll quickly notice about Nørrebro is the massive amount of places to satisfy your hunger. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and whatnot. We've selected some of the best, covering a bit of every need.