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Get to know Copenhagen from the local experts

Photo: Giuseppe Liverino

We've asked some of Copenhagen's most well-rounded locals to share their knowledge on where to go, what to eat, drink, and what to do in their home city. This is your gateway to dig a little deeper in wonderful Copenhagen. 


Det Ny Scala - Exploring the Underbelly of Brown Bars in Copenhagen.

Former bartender, Rasmus Poulsgaard, explores what makes the Copenhagen brown bodegas so special. He takes you to a personal favourite and learns that...

Forget Rome, Copenhagen is fast becoming Scandinavia's Italian culinary metropolis

Denmark’s capital isn’t all rye bread, smoked fish and New Nordic hotshots. In fact, as the city’s food scene has evolved over the past decade or so, ...

Join the Micro-Distilling Revolution with Copenhagen Distillery

Get acquainted with a Copenhagen based world-class distillery and what it means to craft booze in the middle of Copenhagen. Mix this with anecdotes fr...

What is natural wine, and why are Copenhageners so mad about it?

Copenhagen ranks top of the list of places to drink natural wine, surpassing other cities whose proximity to actual vineyards would make them the more...

Art & design

The Hammershøi Effect

Known as the painter of solitude and light, Vilhelm Hammershøi is a pivotal figure in Danish art history whose paintings of interiors capture a Nordic aesthetic that inspires across design and art, even today.

Contemporary cool

Jeni Porter discovers Copenhagen's lively and exciting gallery scene to find why Copenhagen is becoming a magnet for contemporary art lovers.

Sustainable urban development