A day trip to Hornbæk

The epitome of relaxed beach life. 1.5 hours’ train ride from Copenhagen, and you’ll find yourself engulfed in surf vibes, good food and amazing coastal nature.

Seek out solitude on the endless stretches of sandy beaches and sample art in Tegners Museum out in the open, all the while the slow pace of Hornbæk will make you want to stay a little longer.

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Villa Strand | Daniel Rasmussen

Old school summer charm abounds in Hornbæk

Former fishing village gone posh summer retreat for cool Copenhageners turned low-key surf town. Hornbæk has always seen people flocking there from afar to enjoy the relaxing beach life, and more so than ever is the tiny coastal village worth a visit.

Hornbæk Beach | Daniel Rasmussen

Learn more about Hornbæk

Get to know the tiny town in the north a bit better. 

Sun chair Hornbæk | Daniel Rasmussen

8 things to do in Hornbæk

Get sun lounging, get bathing or get full on some great street food. Here's what to do while in summery Hornbæk.

Biking Hornbæk | Daniel Rasmussen

How to get to Hornbæk

How to get there.

Tegner's Museum | Daniel Rasmussen

Visit Tegner's Museum and Statue Park

Head a bit in-land to Tegner's Museum, where you'll find a stunning exhibition of statues both inside and outside.

Tegner's Museum | Daniel Rasmussen

Hornbæk in pictures

Hornbæk is both quirky with tiny beach houses and rose-lined windy road and stunning with its raw coastal nature, crooked forests and wind-worn moors. The charm of Hornbæk is best told in pictures, so here are a few to get you amped for your next trip.

Day trips from Copenhagen | Odsherred

Day trips from Copenhagen

With everything from stunning nature to world-famous castles - and even a different country - just a short train ride or drive away, the reasons to go beyond Copenhagen are many.