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Go green: A sustainability guide to Copenhagen

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Get to know the green and sustainable Copenhagen and how you can make the most eco-friendly choices when visiting.

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In Copenhagen, we take sustainability seriously in everything from urban development and architecture to how we eat and transport ourselves with a clean conscience. Copenhagen officially aims to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.

We want you to be a part of that journey, and in Copenhagen, the good life is easily combined with eco-friendly choices. This guide helps you make sustainable choice while showcasing the things that make Copenhagen a green and liveable city.

Eating out: When organic is the logical choice, not a luxury

The New Nordic Cuisine put Copenhagen on the culinary world map. It also sparked a revolution with its focus on local, organic ingredients in season. Today, this focus is maybe stronger than ever among restaurants in Copenhagen, and you’ll find many climate-friendly and organic eating options in all price ranges from noma, and Geranium to Reffen street food market.

In Copenhagen, buying organic produce is not considered a luxury, but merely logical. Organic food make up 24% of the total food sale in Copenhagen, and 88% of the food consumption in the City of Copenhagen’s public institutions is organic.

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Sustainable activities and things to do in Copenhagen

We've gathered some ideas for environmentally-friendly things to do. Because your choices matter. 

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Eco-friendly transportation and accommodation

We suggest you discover the city on a bike. That’s simply the smartest and cleanest way to get around and discover all of Copenhagen’s attractions, neighbourhoods and hidden gems. And after a long day in the saddle, you can sleep with a clean conscious at one of the eco certified hotels in Copenhagen. Finding one is easy, since the majority of the hotel rooms in the city are eco-certified.

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Architecture and urban development

Water, light, green spaces and innovative thinking are key elements in Copenhagen’s architectural development and some of the ingredients that combine sustainable actions with a high quality of life.

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Nordhavn: Copenhagen's new sustainable neighbourhood

Get under the skin of the city's new neighbourhood Nordhavn, where sustainability is ever present in everything from urban planning and architecture to consumption, energy and green liveability. Video by:  EnergyLab Nordhavn 

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