Editor's choice: Our five tips for November

Do yourself the favour of putting on a warm coat and head out to experience the city in November. Our events assistant Thomas is always on top of events going on in Copenhagen, and he has picked out a few highlights as well as some cosy restaurants and bars to hit in-between.

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About Thomas

Thomas Nielsen profil

Title: Student Assistant, Events
Age: 26
Lives: Frederiksberg
Loves: Food and coffee in a local atmosphere. Energised by diverse events and cultural experiences.
Favourite breakfast: Coffee Collective, Godthåbsvej
Favourite museum: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 
Favourite spot: La Banchina
Favourite event: Copenhagen Pride
Favourite restaurant: Restaurant Gorilla
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5 places to see Copenhagen in its autumn coat

Autumn is the season where Copenhagen really shows its true colours. We've picked out five spots in and around the city you should make sure to see if you want a bit of that autumnal vibe.