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24 hours in Elsinore - Culture, coffee, wine and good food

Let’s say that you have one day to experience Elsinore, To get a good taste of the local cultural history and at the same time get something good to eat and drink.
But where should you start and end? We have put together a full day in Helsingør from morning to evening, actually all the way


Stadsvandringar, bagerier och specialbutiker
Efter lunch är det dags att röra på sig igen. Vad sägs om en självguidad stadsvandring, ett snabbt besök i ett bageri samt en titt in i en av Helsingörs många specialbutiker?

One of many days in Elsinore

That’s what a day in Elsinore could look like, but it’s only one of many opportunities. Take a look at our other inspiring guides, which you, of course, can mismatch the way you like, so you get your own tailored trip through Elsinore.

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