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Kronborg slot

The cultural pearl Elsinore in royal and historic North Zealand

Photo:Lukas Bukoven&Thomas Rafn-Larsen

The 800-year-old market town exudes a unique maritime cultural history that you will not come across anywhere else. If you let go, you have the opportunity to step into a piece of Danish history, strolling through the old cobbled streets and feeling the breath of history from the market town of the past.

Despite Elsinore's historical significance, it's not something you hang on to. In Elsinore, you'll experience local pride, but it's as much set in the present and future as it is in the past.

There is so much to experience and dive into: the coast and natural life are something exceptional in these parts, and it is not difficult to get carried away by the many alluring attractions, events and moods.

Arrive with style

Get an overview of train lines, ferry departures and parking spots.

Kystbanen helsingør

How to get to Elsinore

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Take it easy in Hornbæk

The epitome of relaxed beach life. Some 50 km north of Copenhagen, you’ll find yourself engulfed in surf vibes, good food and amazing coastal nature. Seek out solitude on the endless stretches of sandy beaches all the while, the slow pace of Hornbæk will make you want to stay a little longer.

Map of Elsinore

A walk through Elsinore city centre and harbour environment.

You can find more suggestions for walking and cycling routes by visiting the Elsinore Local Guide above.