Elsinore shopping guide

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Elsinore offers more than beautiful nature and exciting Danish history - in the cobbled streets of the city centre you can explore the city's many shops selling everything from second-hand furniture and vintage finds to handmade ceramics and other handicrafts that reflect the Danish craft.

Old-fashioned virtues

Visit the store Tibberup Høkeren on a small side street off the main shopping street and find that perfect drawer knob you didn't know you needed or linger over the shop's large selection of Danish traditional old-fashioned cleaning supplies. 

Tibberub Høkeren

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

New and second hand

If you're more into the modern and colourful, take a stroll through Witzke Design, a showroom and intimate store where you can find tons of inspiration for your own home. The store sells both designer furniture and other unique interior products. You can also go thrifting at the sustainable shop Igen i brug, which has a huge selection of handmade lampshades and glass in all colours and patterns, as well as vintage Christmas decorations from all over Europe on display every autumn. 

Igen i brug

Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

If you want to get up close and personal with the artistic process, visit the workshop shop NICHEN, run by a married couple of artists. Here, you can get an insight into how local art is created in authentic surroundings – you might be tempted by the beautiful stoneware in maritime shapes and colours, something that has become a collector's item for returning tourists and locals in Elsinore.


Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

Nordic craftmanship

Nordiske Raum is another small workshop and store selling unique Nordic-inspired products, especially in wood, which, along with the other shops, you can visit when you're done exploring Kronborg Castle and want to stroll around the old, atmospheric streets of Elsinore.