A hot dog's guide to Copenhagen

Feeding hungry people on the streets of Copenhagen since 1920: An ode to the quintessential Danish fast food.

The hot dog is the soul of traditional Danish fast food much in the same way that 'smørrebrød' is our all-time lunch classic. Here are five ways to acquaint yourself with the Danish hot dog when visiting Copenhagen.

#1 Go for the classic one

The classic Danish 'pølsevogn' (hot dog stand) appeared on the streets of Copenhagen for the first time in 1920, and has been a mainstay among the city's street food vendors ever since. Today, you'll find many of these scattered throughout the city. Don't let their humble, folksy looks fool you: The sausages and other ingredients are actually quite impeccable.

#2 Enjoy an all-organic hot dog

DØP - The organic hot dog stand - revitalized the aging hot dog game some 8 years ago, when they introduced the first hot dog stand with all-organic ingredients. Today, they're still going strong, and you'll find them at both The Round Tower and The Church of The Holy Spirit in central Copenhagen.

#3 Travel 50+ years back in time

Harry's Place, located on the outskirts of the Nørrebro District, has been a Copenhagen institution since 1965. Denmark's former prime minister and his wife even used to frequent this place during the 1980s - and for good reason, as the sausages and the homemade dip (known as "gun powder") will demonstrate if you drop by.

#4 Visit the only hot dog deli in town

There's a reason why John's Hot Dog Deli, and the man behind it, are championed by people like Anthony Bourdain and Action Bronson. Located in city's Meatpacking District, it is as much a quality-driven deli, with original meat blends made by local butchers, as it is a hot dog lab with experiments and convention-defying twists.

#5 Try a gourmet dog

Since 2012, Pølse Kompagniet ('The Sausage Company') has infused the Danish fast food evergreen with French, Italian and Moroccan inspiration, as well as a keen focus on aesthetics and quality. 

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