8 cheap eats in Copenhagen

Long known as a culinary hotspot boasting Michelin stars, the world's best restaurant, and the New Nordic cuisine movement, Copenhagen is also a foodie-friendly destination for budget travelers. Let us guide you to 9 places serving up great food for less than DKK 100.
Monday, October 16, 2017

Who would have known porridge could be this delicious?

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‘Grød’ means porridge and is also the name of the cozy and highly successful one-step down eatery in the popular Jægersborggade. From early to late, Grød serves up a wide selection of delicious dishes all in the porridge category like morning porridges (DKK 45-70) and evening meals like barley risotto and daal (DKK 70-80). More about Grød.

Combining coffee with healthy grub

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Their supreme coffee might be this favourite’s claim to fame, but we highly recommend paying Sonny a visit when you need to charge up for lunch or breakfast. The menu features various rye bread sandwiches and salads priced around DKK 75.

Roast pork sandwiches in The Meatpacking District

This little gem is a good reason to venture just around the corner from the most famous part of The Meatpacking District and into the lesser known ‘Grey District’. Soak up the atmosphere with their mouthwatering DKK 45 roast pork sandwich.  

Fish and front row seats in Nørrebro

Watch life go by together with the constant flow of bicyclists out on the busy Nørrebrogade from you window seat at Hooked seafood kitchen. Their main dishes include a ridiculously good fish burger, and all come at DKK 85.

The hot dog: A beloved cheap eat for a century

The iconic hot dog stands of Copenhagen have always been a cherished place to satisfy your munchies while rushing through the city. From squares and sidewalks, they have watched the city transform for almost a century, but have hardly changed a thing on their menu. Wanting more? Check out our hot dog's guide to Copenhagen.

The best burger in town

What do you call a gas station doubling as a grillbar? You guessed it: Gasoline Grill which in this case happens to be considered the best in class with their DKK 75 burgers.

A toast to the the grilled cheese sandwich

Fætter Fætter in Nørrebro is simple, fun, cheap and proves that only your imagination is the limit when it comes to composing the perfect grilled cheese sandwich - or a “toast” as Danes call it. Go for the ‘toast experience’ which is two toasts for DKK 95.

Get a taste of multicultural Nørrebro

Around the corner from Fætter Fætter, Gao Dumpling Bar serves up 6 dumplings at DKK 55 together with a bunch of other moderately priced Asian dishes to pick and choose from. Bao Dumpling Bar is one of many smaller international eateries in Nørrebro where low prices and high quality go hand in hand.

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