Why autumn is your new favourite season

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The complete guide to autumn in Copenhagen

Orange is the new green, as the air gets crisper and the days shorten. Autumn (or fall) days in Copenhagen are a little less crowded and a peak season for “hygge”. Expect a mix of beautiful, sunny days - even some late summery ones calling for long walks outside, and the occasional wet or windy ones calling for indoor activities. Either way, this guide got you covered. 

6 places to see Copenhagen in its autumn coat

Autumn is the season where Copenhagen really shows its true colours. We've picked out six spots in and around the city you should make sure to see if you want a bit of that autumnal vibe.

Where to treat yourself to a dose of hygge

Often, hygge is based on a sweet or savory treat maybe in combination with a cup of coffee in a cozy setting and accompanied by a good friend. These places are perfect for that.   Want to know more abot hygge? Check out this article .

Each year in autumn when the leaves wither, Copenhagen's art scene blooms

As the autumn weather kicks in with its occasional rainy or windy days, head inside Copenhagen’s many art museums to see the new art exhibitions that open every year around this time.

Why you shouldn’t underestimate Copenhagen’s art and design scene

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Copenhagen's top museums

Copenhagen is a great city for art lovers and home to internationally acknowledged art museums, and also boasts some fantastic themed and historic museums. Here are the best of the lot; some in the lush outskirts of the city and others smack dap in the midst of it all.

History museums in Copenhagen

Copenhagen oozes of history, with its cobblestone narrow streets, old timbered houses, ancient castles and palaces . Throughout the city, loads of museums specialize in the most important periods in Danish history, where you get to dive deep into the past. Here are the best of the bunch!

Experience Copenhagen Cultural District

Within 10 minutes’ walk in the heart of the historic city centre 19 museums and cultural institutions make up Copenhagen Cultural District. Explore Danish and international culture and history in a small area with a large cultural significance.