Harbour bath in Copenhagen

All about green living in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that mixes a green mindset with ingenuity and fun. For instance, if you clean up the harbour to make the water super clean, why wouldn’t you build a floating swimming pool for locals and visitors to enjoy at all seasons?

A green mind provides so many cool opportunities

You probably already know, that cycling in Copenhagen is a big thing. Actually, we're the bike capital of the world. Not to brag, but how the city is built for cycling, as the harbour has been repurposed for swimming and bathing, how parks, gardens and little green oases are sprinkled all over the city, says a lot about how life plays out here. 

Dive into the harbour

Sailing around in the Copenhagen canals on beautiful summer days and nights. The waters in the harbour and in the canals are clean enough to swim in, and it is easy to navigate a rented boat or to take a ride with one of the many canal tour offers.

Live the high life? Why not?

There are so many fun things to do around the harbour and the canals of Copenhagen. Swimming, sailing, enjoying a glass of wine with your feet dangling from the dock. We have picked three things for you to look into, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Do like the locals, get around by bike

Just about 50% of all Copenhageners commute to work or their studies by bike? The city is built for it. We got bike lanes all over the place and several bridges have been built in the harbour area to connect the city and encourage people to pedal across town.

The bike snake | Astrid Maria Rasmussen

The bicycle snake crossing the harbour is one of many bikes-only bridges that make it easy, safe and beautiful to get around Copenhagen on two wheels.

Cycling around in the city is not only a great way to get from A to B, it's fun, exciting and friendly to the environment.

Have a glass of wine in the grass

As a modern city, Copenhagen acknowledges and cherishes the importance of nature in and around the city. Wherever you are, you're never more than a short bike ride away from some form of a green oasis. So take a break, sit on the grass and have a sandwich or a little something to quench your thirst.

Copenhagen offers so many types of urban green spots, from the exotic to the completely uncultivated to the historically significant.

Copenhagen's innovative food scene
You can taste some of Denmark's best smørrebrød at Aamanns 1921 in Copenhagen.
Copenhagen design, culture, and architecture
8TALLET building and Kalvebod Fælled in Copenhagen

Good to know about the Covid-19 situation in Denmark

Restaurants and cafés

Restaurants, cafés, bars, are for now open until midnight. For indoor service, a corona passport must be presented. For outdoor service, a corona passport is not required. 

From the 15th of July opening hours are prolonged to 02.00. Nightlife such as clubs remains closed until September 1st.


All stores, shopping centres, etc. are open. Wearing a mask is no longer required. Hand sanitizing is recommended.

Cultural Institutions, Religious Services, Social Life, etc.

Museums, art venues, theatres, amusement parks, zoological gardens etc. are open. Corona passport must be presented.

Public transport

Wearing a mask in public transport is still required, but only if standing.

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