What to see and do in the unique Ørestad neighbourhood

Ørestad is the place to spot new and rule-bending architecture in Copenhagen. The new and striking architecture stand in beautiful contrast to the vast nature out on these parts of AmagerGo off the beaten track and experience a new and unique Copenhagen neighbourhood.

Ørestad is a neighbourhood on the island of Amager, and saw its first residential building erected in 2004. Today Ørestad is still finding its final form with new architecture and recreational offerings popping up. As a brand new neighbourhood, it's built up around excellent infrastructure, making it possible to reach the city center in 7 minutes, and the airport in 6. But more importantly, its location on the edge of a big nature reserve is pretty unique for a big city neighbourhood.

If you are interested in new architecture check out the award-winning residential buildings VM Mountain and 8House designed by architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG). And be sure to visit the DR Concert Hall by architect Jean Nouvel.

Also, read this full article on Ørestad to get an in-depth understanding of what makes this place truly unique.

Coffee in Copenhagen's Ørestad neighbourhood overlooking the nature reserve, Amager Fælled.

Article: Where Copenhagen's Urban Jungle Meets its Savannah

Dive deeper and get an understanding of what exactly sets this unique neighbourhood apart from every other part of Copenhagen and learn just why Ørestad may be its best-kept secret. Words by James Clasper. 

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