Andersen & Maillard - Croissant

The best fastelavsboller in Copenhagen

Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

Every year in February, all the leading bakeries and pastry houses turn on their “fastelavnsbolle” game and dish out some extraordinarily delicious and sometimes innovative takes on the traditional pastry.

The Copenhagen bread and cake scene has never been as delicious as it is now. With many different crispy croissants, sourdough bread and magnificent cakes, it is no wonder that the Fastelavnsbolle also comes in several different forms, tastes and designs.

Andersen Bakery Fastelavnsbolle
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Andersen Bakery

In the heart of the Islands Brygge neighbourhood, you'll find the award-winning Andersen Bakery. Stop by to bite into a tasty pastry. 

Banegaarden vesterbro perron fastelavnsbolle
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen


Perron is a sourdough bakery and pizza place located in the city's green oasis, Banegaarden. Here you can enjoy delicious sourdough bread, pastries, pizzas and of course fastelavnsboller in cozy, scenic surroundings.

Conditori La Glace Indre By Fastelavnsboller
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Conditori La Glace

The patisserie La Glace in Copenhagen has a large selection of delicious cakes made from the best ingredients. Try for example the famous 'Sport's Cake', which is a house speciality, but anything but sporty or low-fat.

Nørrebro Jægersborggade Fastelavnsboller Meyers
Photo: Meyers Bakery / Kaspar Arianto

Meyers Bageri, Jægersborggade

The Danish chef and entrepreneur, Claus Meyer, along with a baker and a confectioner, has opened the little delicious Meyers Bageri bakery in Jægersborggade in Copenhagen.

Fastelavnsbolle gammeldags coffee collective kaffe nørrebro bageri
Photo: Galst Bageri

Collective Bakery

Are you looking for pastries for your coffee? At Collective Bakery on Nørrebrogade you can treat yourself with delicious pastries, which are carefully selected and in companionship with the coffee.

Gammeldags fastelavnsbolle hart
Photo: Marc Skafte-Vaabengaard

Hart Bakery

Trained in the science of baking, Richard Hart was the baker at Noma, before he opened up his own bakery.

Fastelavnsbolle  nørrebro bageri andersen maillard
Photo: Eva Gudnason

Andersen & Maillard

A former bank space in the heart of Nørrebro houses the combined café, roastery and exceptionally good bakery, Andersen & Maillard.

Tivoli København Cakenhagen Fastelavnsboller
Photo: Cakenhagen


Cakenhagen is a perfect haven for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Fastelavnsbolle Københavns Bageri Carlsberg Byen
Photo: Københavns Bageri

Københavns Bageri

One of Copenhagen's best bakeries can be found in Carlsbergbyen. In this small bakery you can taste traditional Danish baked goods, but in a quality that is anything but traditional.

Format Fastelavnsbolle
Photo: Format


What has Danish design and a great dining experience got in common? The answer must be the good, simple and honest craftsmanship. And good, simple, and honest craftsmanship is the foundation of Designmuseum Denmark's café FORMAT.

Rondo Nørrebro Fastelavnsbolle Semlor
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen


Located on a side street to the buzzing Nørrebrogade is Rondo. A bakery from the owner of the popular wine bar Gaarden og Gaden just around to corner. 

Photo: Leckerbaer


Leckerbaer is a gourmet cookie, pastry and coffee shop in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen. The couple behind the sweets are Michelin chefs Jakob Mogensen and Gabi Bär Mogensen.

Lazy Bakery
Photo: Valentina Vitasovic

Lazy Bakery

Lazy Bakery is part of Mirabelle Spiserìa, an all-day Sicilian eatery and wine bar located on Guldbergsgade.