Rist Kaffebar | Astrid Maria Rasmussen

5 coffee spots in Frederiksberg

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Frederiksberg is a neighborhood filled with stylish streets and quirky places. The area is also a great destination for everyone with a love for a good cup of coffee and café aesthetics that are a bit out of the ordinary. Here are some of our faves.

Olivers Oase

Public toilet turned coffee shop… okay, maybe it needs a bit more explaining. Oliver’s Oase is located just off the Frederiksberg Church in a tiny building of just 12 square meters. It was built in 1902 and served as a public toilet for many years. After 15 years out of use, Oliver’s took over and turned the place into a cute café and coffee shop. The perfect spot to relax with a coffee and enjoy the Parisian vibes of Frederiksberg Allé.

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The coffee shop Rist is located on the popular Værnedamsvej – a street that really hits the sweet spot between sophisticated and cozy. Even through Rist is technically located on the Vesterbro side of Værnedamsvej, it deserves a mention for being a go-to spot for great coffee and tasty snacks.

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Central Hotel og Café

Central Hotel og Café is another one in the border region between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. The place is known for being the smallest hotel with just one room, but it also comes with an - equally tiny and equally cozy – coffee shop. Here, you can combine your coffee with an organic ice cream or swap it for an old-fashioned milkshake.

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Granola on Værnedamsvej is a probably as close to Paris as you’ll get in Copenhagen. At a place like this, getting your café au lait without a classic croissant almost seems blasfemic. This spot is the epitome of sidewalk lounging in Copenhagen. 

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Ipsen & Co.

With interior of what could be the one of a cozy livingroom, mostly organic fare and freshly roasted coffee. Ipsen & Co is the perfect corner café on Frederiksbergs main strip, Gl. Kongevej. They have a coffee to-go window too, which is a rare thing in Copenhagen. 

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