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Copenhagen attractions reward climate-friendly actions.
All our choices have an environmental impact, so why not make conscious decisions that benefit us all and be rewarded for them?

CopenPay launches on July 15 and runs until August 11.

How it works

Earn rewards at Copenhagen attractions ranging from a free lunch or a cup of coffee to a kayak tour or even a free entrance to a museum. All you need to do is, for instance, bike instead of drive, help maintain the city, work in an urban garden, or pledge to sustainable behaviour. Find the attractions and see how they reward your actions below.

24 attractions rewarding your climate-friendly actions

Explore some of the wonders of Copenhagen and find out where and how you can contribute and collect everything from a Copenhagen ice cream to a free bike rental.

Click the icons on the map to learn about the attractions and and remember to check for availability.

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Remember to check for availability.

All climate-friendly actions matter

All over Copenhagen, you find rental bikes to ride the city emission-free like a local. Copenhagen tap water is clean and tasty, and compared to bottled water, it leaves a significantly smaller mark on the environment. Helping to clean up the harbour improves livability for thousands as you maintain it as a valuable recreational urban area.

The most significant rewards are not the ones you get for your efforts but the ones we all gain from your conscious choices.

Built on trust and good energy

No matter if you ride a bike, use public transportation, or collect trash, you can spend your good energy to collect the listed rewards, and we trust you when you ask to pay with it. After all, the only one you would be cheating is yourself if you miss out on doing good for our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get in touch with the individual attractions?

A: If you have questions about rewards and actions, you should contact the individual partner directly by finding their contact information on the complete list of attractions.

Q: What is the purpose of CopenPay?

A: The purpose of CopenPay is to encourage sustainable behaviour and enrich the cultural experience of visitors and residents in Copenhagen by transforming green actions into currency for cultural experiences.

The campaign about CopenPay only runs in Copenhagen, and it is not intended to increase tourism.

"With CopenPay, we’re empowering people to experience more of what Copenhagen offers while placing less burden on our planet. It's about creating meaningful and memorable experiences that are enjoyable and environmentally responsible.”

Mikkel Aarø Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen

Q: How can one participate in CopenPay?

A: Participation is simple. Tourists and residents can redeem rewards by showing proof of green actions, such as train tickets or bicycles. These actions include cycling, participating in cleanup efforts, or volunteering at urban farms. Click the map on this site to find all participating attractions and which action they reward. Some attractions have limited availability, so remember to check if you have to book in advance. 

Q: What proof is required to show someone has participated in a green action?

A: Participants can show proof, such as train tickets or photos of themselves biking or participating in cleanup efforts, but generally, CopenPay is built on trust, just as Danish society is the most trusting in the world, according to PEW Research.

Q: Is Copenhagen a sustainable destination

A: According to the Global Destination Sustainability Index, Copenhagen is ranked the third most sustainable destination in the world. The list of the most sustainable destinations in the world can be found here: https://www.gds.earth/index/top-40-cities/

Q: How does CopenPay specifically contribute to reducing Copenhagen’s carbon footprint?

A: CopenPay encourages the use of bicycles, public transportation, and participation in environmental activities, which collectively reduce the city’s carbon emissions by promoting greener modes of transportation and waste reduction.

However, the environmental burden of transportation to and from Copenhagen is much more significant than that of local transportation. Consequently, CopenPay is marketed only in Copenhagen to encourage both visitors and locals to make more sustainable choices.

Q: When will CopenPay work in Copenhagen

A: CopenPay is a pilot project launched on July 15 and runs until August 11. Based on the evaluation, we hope to reintroduce CopenPay as a year-round, green payment experience within the economy and broaden the concept to other parts of Denmark and the rest of the world.

Q: Where can I find press releases, photos, videos, and quotes about the project?

A: You can find all press-related information, including press releases, photos, videos, and quotes, in our Copenpay Media Kit. Click here to access the media kit.