CopenPay attractions

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


Arrive by bike or public transport and get extra skiing time for free

This summer, CopenHill rewards visitors who arrive by bike or public transport with 20 minutes of extra skiing time on the waste-to-energy plant’s unique ski slope.  

To claim this offer, visitors simply need to show a photo of their bike or public transport ticket to the lift staff. Rental of equipment, and purchase of even more ski time, is available in the on-site shop. 

For non skiers, the elevator ride to the top, a beautiful hiking trail and breathtaking views from CopenHill’s rooftop café come at no charge. 

Copenhagen Card
Photo: Mellanie Gandø

The National Museum

Arrive sustainably and get a free ice cream

Show your public transportation ticket or a picture of you and your bike in front of the museum and get a ‘Denmark’ ice cream for free. Yes, our ice cream, only sold at our museums, is called ‘Denmark’ and is made from, i.e. rhubarb, strawberry, and liquorice, which truly makes it a symbol of Danish summer.

While you’re here, you can also get a taste of Danish history as you explore world-famous historical highlights. From diving into the Viking Age to learning about the development of the Danish welfare state. In our brand-new Viking exhibition you can step into their mystical universe and let a Viking sorceress guide you on a fascinating journey. Explore Viking ideas about chaos and fate.