Frederiksberg have

7 ways Frederiksberg will win your heart

Photo: Mellanie Gandø

Frederiksberg is your green, posh and delicious neighbourhood. With somewhat French vibes at times, this municipality in its own is sure to win your heart with its broad boulevards and age-old institutions. 

Although it's situated right between Copenhagen's Nørrebro and Vesterbro neighbourhoods, Frederiksberg is actually a municipality on its own. Nicknamed "The Green Village of Copenhagen", Frederiksberg is known for its broad avenues, big houses and elegant parks. Put this together with lots of great restaurants and a very unique museum, and you'll have more than enough good reasons why you should pay Frederiksberg a visit.

If not the world's then certainly Copenhagen's smallest hotel. Plus an awesome hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.Photo:Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Central Hotel og Café

If you're searching for a cosy place to stay, look no further. Central Hotel & Café may be located just outside Frederiksberg, but this hotel is just so incredibly charming that we had to include it anyway. With only one room, it must be (at least one of) the smallest hotels in the world. Its tiny café is also worth visiting for a cup of excellent coffee from The Coffee Collective.

Serenity in the big city at Haveselskabets Have. A hidden park within the bigger Frederiksberg Have.Photo:Thomas Høyrup Christensen

All the small, green getaways

One of the best things about Frederiksberg is the city's many green oases and beautiful flower gardens. Take for instance The University Garden, which is one of the city's lesser-known, but botanically interesting gardens, which makes it a big attraction for students and employees at Copenhagen University's Science Department.

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One of the classic ice rinks in Copenhagen, and it's especially pretty at night with all the lights.Photo:-

The ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel

If you're visiting during winter, then a trip to the ice rink in front of Frederiksberg Gardens makes for a fun winter activity for children and adults alike. As a bonus, your skating efforts will also bring some warmth back in your body.

A truly special museum experience at underground The Cisterns out at Søndermarken. Photo:Daniel Rasmussen


Cisternerne is an exhibition space like no other. With a remarkable location deep under the fields of Søndermarken, its underground exhibitions are featured in extraordinary surroundings. Although the place bears an unsettling resemblance to gloomy catacombs, The Cisterns is actually a subterranean reservoir that used to provide the capital with water.

One of Copenhagen's most serene spots. Frederiksberg Gardens is just beyond stroll-worthy.Photo:Daniel Rasmussen

Frederiksberg Gardens

The romantic Frederiksberg Gardens is located right in the heart of Frederiksberg, and is a popular spot for runners, family outings and different kinds of events. During the summer months, you can go on a boat tour that will take you around the area and Frederiksberg Palace.

Værnedamsvej in fall

Værnedamsvej preserves its French charm, even on a rainy day.Photo:Martin Heiberg


Værnedamsvej is a small, but busy street connecting Copenhagen's Vesterbro area and Frederiksberg's major shopping lane Gammel Kongevej. The street is known for its French vibe and charming places like Granola, Falernum and Les Trois Cochons, where you can sit back and watch the local life outside.

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Cozy outdoor seating at a French place on a very French street.Photo:Maria Sattrup

The many cool restaurants and hangouts

Just like Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is bursting with great gastronomic experiences. There's the cosy cocktail bar and restaurant Salon 39, the Bib Gourmand restaurant Anarki, and Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, just to name a few.

Classic Copenhagen street wear brand Wood Wood's flagship on Gammel Kongevej.Photo:Martin Heiberg

Great shopping

From handmade chocolates and other delicacies to fashion, furniture, and anything in between, Frederiksberg has it all. Take your time exploring all the small stores along Gammel Kongevej street, or go on a major shopping spree in Frederiksberg's four-storey shopping mall.