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Kronborg 2C

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Kronborg Castle is probably the most famous Danish castle, known worldwide from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Towering on a promontory in Northern Zealand, Kronborg faces the sound between Elsinore and Helsingborg in Sweden. Grand fortifications with bastions and casemates used to protect the Danish land from unwanted visitors and was home to the royal family until the late 1600 hundreds.

A tour of the castle will take you through beautifully decorated rooms with renaissance and baroque interiors that reveal the residents’ decadent lifestyle. Among the main attractions is Frederik II’s fine ballroom and the statue of Ogier the Dane, a mythical national hero that has been sitting in the cold casemates below the castle for hundreds of years.

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Though the castle is an impressive monument, its fame arose with William Shakespeare’s drama of Hamlet that takes place in the chambers of Kronborg. 

Experience Hamlet Live at Kronborg each summer

Every summer, you can experience the well-known Shakespeare drama Hamlet at first hand when Hamlet Live takes place at Kronborg Castle. You can meet the famous characters when you go through the castle and witness their drama, intrigues and tragic fates.  

Due to its long history filled with royalty, myths and drama, Kronborg has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely worth a visit.

To reach the castle, you’ll need to take the coast line to Elsinore – during the day, trains run every 20 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport Station. Elsinore is a cultural city that has many other attractions to offer and a cosy ambiance that is perfect for a daytrip.

Elsinore and Kronborg Castle is approximately 40 minutes from Copenhagen by train.


Kronborg 2C

3000 Helsingør

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