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Experience Oresund with ForSea

Get on board on ForSea from Elsinore to Helsingborg and get a nice experience in the neighbouring country – no matter if you are walking or driving, whether you commute or do not intend to leave the ferry.

Oresund. It only takes 20 minutes for them to cross the Sound and the green ForSea ferries sail every 15 minutes in the daytime. You can also choose to stay on board the eco-friendly ferries to have new taste experiences in the restaurants.

No matter if you commute, have just started your adventure or have no intention of leaving the ferry, the chances for having a nice time on board are plenty.

Stay on board for a dinner in the middle of Oresund

Stay on board a couple of sails back and forth while sitting in the restaurant having a lunch or dinner in the middle of Oresund. On the ferries, you are guaranteed a fantastic view over the sea and the best view over the sister towns Elsinore and Helsingborg.

LAT56˚ Bistrobar and Waves Restaurant

You can drink and eat on all the ferries, however, if you are looking for a genuine taste experience, you should pick Hamlet or Aurora which both have restaurants on board.

On board the Hamlet you find LAT56˚ Bistrobar where new interpretations of bistro classic dishes and delicious cocktails are on the menu. On board the Aurora, you find Waves Restaurant were the menu card includes dishes for every taste from popular classics, and buffets which are updated with new taste experiences every week. You also find some of the children’s favourites. Enjoy your food while listening to live music in the bar.

You can also enjoy coffee and cake in one of the cafés or find good offers on perfumes, candy, wine and liqueur in the ferry shop.

Lots of experiences in the neighbouring country

You can also get off in Helsingborg for a lot of experiences. On the outskirts of Helsingborg you find the romantic Sofiero Palace which is surrounded by a magnificent park where the tens of thousands of rhododendron bloom in spring. In the cosy town, you find art and architecture both of an earlier date and a more recent date.

Shopping on the other side of the Oresund

If you would rather go shopping, the town centre has more than 400 shops with all from famous brands to art wares and Swedish design. And right outside Helsingborg, you find Väla Shopping Center with more than 200 shops under the same roof. A bus goes directly to the shopping centre.

Bring your car

In just one day, you can get to see and experience a lot if you bring your car. Visit Skånes Djurpark in Höör if you want to experience the animals of the Nordic countries in authentic environments or Kullaberg Nature Reserve if you would like to hike along the Swedish rocks and enjoy the view from the top of the lighthouse. Or go for a drive to the Scanian small towns, visit Tomatens Hus (the House of the Tomato or the Kingdom of Crystal and see and taste the local specialities and unique products.

Efficient and eco-friendly ferries

You are all invited on board a green service over the Sound. ForSea’s risky option of choosing battery-powered ferries means that Forsea is not only the most efficient transport alternative, but also the most eco-friendly one. Both ferries, Tycho Brahe and Aurora, are now 100 % battery-powered which benefits you as well as the environment. ForSea works actively on protecting the marine environment and is proud to have transformed two of their large ferries so that the total carbon emission can be reduced by 65% – without having to change the timetable.

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