Things you can't miss this spring

Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Spring in Copenhagen means that that the streets and parks become vibrant and full of life. Each year, it almost feels as if the Copenhageners celebrate that winter has ended and move outside to enjoy life. Get inspiration here, and experience the best of Copenhagen in the spring.


The spring exhibitions

Every spring, the Copenhagen museums are filled with new, inspiring exhibitions. Check out the Park Museums for exhibitions about all things art and nature in beautiful park surroundings.


Time on the water

Spring is where people once again migrate to the waters, where you'll feel a vibe not found elsewhere in the city. Discover Copenhagen from the water as captain of your own solar-powered picnic boat or go for a swim in Copenhagen's harbour and canals.

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

The Deer Park

A short trip north from Copenhagen will take you to Dyrehaven, a wonderful woodland that seems far from city lights and traffic noise. Come spring, and the forest is almost neon green with all the new leaves. 

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Copenhagen food markets

Spring is the time, where it's finally warm enough to dine outside in the city's many food markets. Good, sustainable, organic street food has been gaining ground the last couple of years in Copenhagen, so there's plenty of spots to choose from.


See Copenhagen in its spring coat

Copenhagen explodes with lush greenery in spring. The city rebirths itself for the summer months, and it's a spectacle not to be missed. 


Explore beyond Copenhagen

Along the northern city limits of Copenhagen runs a patch of rich forest land and a marvellous coastal line. Despite its close proximity to the city, Copenhagen North is a glaring contrast to the pulse of the city.

Photo: Martin Heiberg

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is beautiful in spring, all covered in bright, colourful flowers and gleaming lights at night. This year, Tivoli invites you to enjoy illuminations of the Tivoli lake as well as parades with the Tivoli Guard.

Bakken Amusement Park | Tuala Hjarnø
Photo: Tuala Hjarnø


When Bakken opens up in April, it officially marks the start of spring. Bakken is the world's oldest amusement park nestled in the forests just a short train ride north of the city. 


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The beautiful museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, is located 40 kilometres north of Copenhagen just by the sea. It has gained a reputation as a museum in touch with the zeitgeist of the contemporary art world.