Biking Kalvebod Fælled

Biking beyond the city limits

Biking is all the rage in Copenhagen. But venturing beyond the city limits is just as amazing. Cycling through groves of green or along the waters into unknown terrain is never far away from Copenhagen. Bring a bike on the train or go all the way by two-wheeler, here are some tips for you.

The Hermitage Castle in The Deer Park | Daniel Rasmussen

The Deer Park

Bring your bike onto the S-train or the Øresunds train and jump of at Klampenborg St. From here you can head for the endless amounts of forest trails circumventing the beautiful Deer Park.

Bryggebroen i København | Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Go round the Harbour Circle

Enjoy the best of Copenhagen's waters, and bike around The Harbour Circle. The Harbour Circle brings you through 12 unique areas, on a route which totals 13 km, but you can also experience the route along 4, 7 and 2 km subsections.

Kalvebod Fælled | Martin Heiberg

Kalvebod Fælled roundtrip

If you take your bike onto the Metro towards Vestamager St. and jump off at the very last stop, you'll find yourself at the cusp of a vast nature reserve. Kalvebod Fælled has a myriad of pathways and tracks to bike around on, and the 20 km2 area boast both forests and moors filled with animals. Truly a special place!

Hop-on-hop-off the Øresunds train with your bike

Buy a 24 hour pass to the train, and you can go nuts up and down the coast with the Øresunds train as much as you'd like. Taking the bike with you makes everything a bit easier, and will add some beautiful trips to the day. Head for the likes of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Kronborg Castle, The Deer Park, the beach, Elsinore and much more. 

Amager Beach Park | Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Amager roundtrip (Bike route 80)

Starting at Islands Brygge and ending at Amager Beach Park, or the other way around. This cool roundtrip is a whopping 39 km. and make for quite the day trip. You get to experience the best of the island, including Kalvebod Fælled, Amager Fælled, Dragør and the list goes on.