Bellevue beach in the morning

Bellevue - The good life

Photo: Jacob Lisbygd

Just 10 km north of Copenhagen Central station You'll find beautiful beaches surrounded by works of world-renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. It's a place where Danish design aesthetics truly meets functionality and nature.

The good life north of Copenhagen

Bellevue encapsulates the good life. beautiful sandy beaches, architectural masterpieces, a huge natural park full of deer and much, much more. The whole area is in a class of its own and something that needs to be experienced to fully grasp.

Make your reservations

If you've come to Copenhagen for exquisite gastronomic experiences, you've made the right decision. But did you know, that there are some really high-end gourmet restaurants just north of Copenhagen, that can't be missed if you're in it for fine dining. You'll find both one and two-starred Michelin restaurants, which will tickle your taste buds.